Worth The Splurge: Clarisonic Mia 2 Review ft. Deep Pore Kit

Today I thought I'd finally post my review of the Clarisonic Mia 2, which I've owned for over 3/4 years now! I remember when I first bought it there was a massive hype around it which made me weary of purchasing it in the first place but I feel after this much time I can give you an in-depth and honest review. I originally bought the Clarisonic Mia 2 in a set from House of Fraser which included a Lancome cleanser (which I still love and use) and a Lancome serum {Link}. Whereas, the decongesting set I got for Christmas in 2014 as I needed replacement brush heads. 

The Basics
Brand: Clarisonic
Name of Product: Mia 2 & Deep Pore Decongesting Replenishment Kit
Purpose of product: To deep cleanse the skin and leave it softer, smooth and clearer. The Deep Pore is also designed to do this but is also meant to unclog, detoxify and refine the skin.
Price: Mia 2 £120 | Link, Deep Pore Kit £49.50 | Link
How much product do you get: Deep Pore Kit Cleanser 177ml, Mask 60ml.Who it's aimed for: Any and every skin type but for the deep pore kit I'd say more oily, combination skin types that have big pores or acne.Where to buy: Feel Unique, House of Fraser. 

Product Description
The Clarisonic Mia 2 features two speed settings that are designed to remove makeup, clean, soften and smooth the skin. It's also designed to effectively remove dirt and excess sebum.  The Deep Pore kit contains a brush head which is deisgned to remove excess oil, dir, impurities and to balance the skin. Whilst the cleanser within the kit is more targeted at minimising pores and cleaning the skin without over-drying it. Finally, the clay mask is targeted to draw out the build-up of dirt, grime and impurities without leaving the skin super tight.

How To Use
Dampen the skin and the Clarisonic brush then apply the cleanser either to the brush head or distribute across the face, and then cleanse the skin. I do this step every night, whereas in the morning I use a more gentle balm cleanser. The mask I recommend using once-to-twice a week depending on your skin and leaving for about 15 minutes or until the mask is completely dry to touch.

I adore these products so much! The Clarisonic Mia 2 is amazing and honestly makes such a difference to my skin, leaving me to understand the hype so much. I notice a difference in my skin whenever I stop using it or get lazy and forget to use it. I used to have quite a lot of under the surface-skin spots that no matter what I used I couldn't seem to rid myself of them, but after the using the Mia 2 they've all completely gone. My skin now is pretty much as clear as I can get it and it's given me so much confidence. It also doesn't leave my skin dry or super tight afterwards; just clean and smooth. The Deep Pore Cleanser I've also really enjoyed using as it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin nor dry it out. It works perfectly with the Mia 2 but I also enjoy using it on it's own. The Clay Mask I also really like as it doesn't leave my skin red afterwards like a lot of the other clay masks on the market, and drastically clears up my skin after a few days of using it (great for hangover days when your skin is in need of a little help!) As I do find the first few days after using it I do break out but that's normally due to it drawing all the dirt to the surface of my skin and out!

I honestly don't have any issues with the Mia 2 besides the hefty price tag, but for how much use I've gotten out of it, how long the charge lasts and how clear my skin is - I'd say it's worth it. The Deep Pore kit is also pretty expensive and even though I do love the cleanser I have tried others that are just as good for a cheaper price tag. But, my only main issue was with the Deep Pore Brush Head. As I found it was great with me for a start but then I ended up with super dry skin and it didn't rid me of my congested blackheads around my nose. So, if using the brush head I'd only recommend using it once/twice a week.

Is it worth the splurge?
I definitely think the Mia 2 is worth the splurge and recommend it to any and every skin type! Whereas, the Deep Pore Kit I recommend the clay mask whereas the cleanser and the brush head I'd say isn't really worth the splurge. Especially, I'd say it's only suitable for extremely oily skin types and not really combination skin types - like myself.

Mia 2 - 10/10
Deep Pore Kit - 6/10