First Impressions: Shea Moisture Haircare

Last time I popped into Boots I noticed this beautiful looking brand on offer and was already on the hunt for some new haircare. I recently bleached my hair and ever since I've been trying to maintain the condition of my hair whilst also improving any damage left behind or from everyday activities.

Ingredients: The ingredients in these are pretty simple which is great when you're looking for natural products with high-quality ingredients inside. The main ingredients are; Shea butter, kelp, argan oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, castor oil, peppermint and a range of flower extracts. The other great thing about this brand is it's colour safe and is free of sulfates.
I was honestly shocked when I looked on the back and realised I could pronounce and recognise pretty much every single ingredient, which doesn't happen a lot! Especially, because most of these oils are already extremely well known in the haircare industry for providing healthier, softer hair.

When I first picked these up, it was on a whim and I wasn't 100% sure whether they would do much - purely because I'd never even heard of the brand before.  Even more so they weren't super expensive and sat around the £10-12 margin which is great considering the range of stunning ingredients that cost quite a bit on their own.

Overall, I didn't notice a massive difference straight away from other 'less natural' haircare products, besides the consistency of the shampoo which had a thicker substance and then a lighter oil that sat on top which requires shaking to mix together before use. I did find I need a smaller amount than other drugstore products and seemed to still work just as well. I find overall in time it will definitely do the job of restoring any damage and maintaining the softness of my hair as after one use I did definitely notice my hair felt softer. My general first impression was that the consistency of the products were quite thick and heavy so I personally wouldn't recommend for people with fine, thin and/or short hair. I also, someone with super thick, long hair, found I used the normal amount I use for other brands for the first use and it ended up being way too much! So, definitely less is more with these products.

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Empties #1

Today, I thought I'd finally do my first empties post! I love the idea of these as it means I can review a large amount of stuff in one quick and easy post! Also, apologies for the appearance of the Lush toner - the packaging always wears with me!

Lush Eau Roma Water - I am a massive fan of spray toners, they're refreshing, soothing and great to use before makeup or on top of makeup when you're face is getting a bit sweaty! And this one is no different. The smell is lovely and soothing and I mainly use in my morning and nighttime routine. I've found it has really calmed down my skin - especially after using some harsh exfoliators that I chucked a while ago after realising they were doing more damage than good. Surprisingly, this bottle lasted a really long time and even when I got towards the end the spray pump still applied the product evenly! Especially as this product is really inexpensive and would definitely say it's worth your money and is suitable for all skin types.

Verdict - repurchased and already using!

Lancรดme Gel Eclat - I got this free when I bought my Clarisonic Mia 2 {See review} and honestly I've never looked back! This gel cleanser works perfectly with my Clarisonic and leaves my skin literally smooth and squeaky clean. I prefer using this as a night time cleanse as my second cleanse to make sure my skin is fully clean and all make up has been removed. I would recommend this more so for oilier skin types than dry, purely because it's not super nourishing. I have super sensitive skin and it didn't even leave it irritated!

Verdict - repurchased and already using!

L'Oreal Paris EverPure Sulfate-Free Color Care System Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner - I bought these two waaay in America last year, and honestly wish I'd tried these sooner. These two are wonderful to use and are nourishing for even the driest of hair. The products are also sulfate-free and after all the controversy of circulating sulfates I was dying to try a product free of them, and I'm honestly surprised - I couldn't tell a single difference. The only main issue I found with these products are they're designed for coloured hair, it didn't help with my man-made blonde locks so I still had to buy other products to main the blonde. Sadly I cannot seem to find it in the UK, so I will have to wait till I go back to the USA to get my hands on these.

Verdict - will repurchase

Soap and Glory The Ultimelt - After hearing Caroline Hirons, the ultimate skincare guru, raving about this as a great, inexpensive morning cleanser I was desperate to get my hands on it. Especially, as due to having oily skin I used to restrict my morning routine to face washes that stripped my skin - which sometimes was not for the best. Overall, I liked how soft and silky the cleaner felt to use, and the fact for £10 it also came with a muslin cloth was great! Sadly, though it didn't cleanse my skin enough and actually irritated my eyes. Furthermore, after trying other hot cloth cleansers such as the Emma Hardie Moringa Balm {review} and the cheaper Body Shop Balm {review} they didn't love up to expectations.

Verdict - will not repurchase

Nude Purify Cleansing Wash - This cleanser sounded great on paper, listing all these qualities, balancing the skin without drying it, smoothing and soothing the skin, but sadly didn't live up to them. This is my first ever product by Nude that I've ever tried and I honestly expected more. It generally was quite a soft, simple, nice cleanser that didn't irritate my skin and had quite a weird creamy/gel-like consistency but for the price it wasn't worth it. I found the best use for it was as a morning cleanse, but even then the product leaves a residue behind that is not what oily skin gals want.

Verdict - will not repurchase

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What I Receieved For Christmas {ft. swatches}

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I was getting quite a few messages asking about what I was gifted for Christmas so here you go. This is in no way me showing off, but I also love reading these posts and seeing what people had at the top of their wish lists. Furthermore, I mainly asked for books and perfume instead of makeup this year, so if you want to see the books I received click here.

Products featured in pictures:

  1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Series Contour Kit | Link | Shade: Light/Medium
  2. MAC Lipstick | Link | Shade: Spirit
  3. Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick | Link | Shade: Very Victoria
  4. Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner | Link
  5. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit | Link
Products not featured in the picture:
  1. Diptyque Candle | Link | Scent: Vanille
  2. MAC Eyeshadow | Link | Shade: Sumptuous Olive
  3. Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil | Link
  4. Alpha H Liquid Gold | Link
L-R: CT 'Very Victoria'/MAC 'Spirit'

Thanks for reading lovelies

Worth The Splurge: Clarisonic Mia 2 Review ft. Deep Pore Kit

Today I thought I'd finally post my review of the Clarisonic Mia 2, which I've owned for over 3/4 years now! I remember when I first bought it there was a massive hype around it which made me weary of purchasing it in the first place but I feel after this much time I can give you an in-depth and honest review. I originally bought the Clarisonic Mia 2 in a set from House of Fraser which included a Lancome cleanser (which I still love and use) and a Lancome serum {Link}. Whereas, the decongesting set I got for Christmas in 2014 as I needed replacement brush heads. 

The Basics
Brand: Clarisonic
Name of Product: Mia 2 & Deep Pore Decongesting Replenishment Kit
Purpose of product: To deep cleanse the skin and leave it softer, smooth and clearer. The Deep Pore is also designed to do this but is also meant to unclog, detoxify and refine the skin.
Price: Mia 2 £120 | Link, Deep Pore Kit £49.50 | Link
How much product do you get: Deep Pore Kit Cleanser 177ml, Mask 60ml.Who it's aimed for: Any and every skin type but for the deep pore kit I'd say more oily, combination skin types that have big pores or acne.Where to buy: Feel Unique, House of Fraser. 

Product Description
The Clarisonic Mia 2 features two speed settings that are designed to remove makeup, clean, soften and smooth the skin. It's also designed to effectively remove dirt and excess sebum.  The Deep Pore kit contains a brush head which is deisgned to remove excess oil, dir, impurities and to balance the skin. Whilst the cleanser within the kit is more targeted at minimising pores and cleaning the skin without over-drying it. Finally, the clay mask is targeted to draw out the build-up of dirt, grime and impurities without leaving the skin super tight.

How To Use
Dampen the skin and the Clarisonic brush then apply the cleanser either to the brush head or distribute across the face, and then cleanse the skin. I do this step every night, whereas in the morning I use a more gentle balm cleanser. The mask I recommend using once-to-twice a week depending on your skin and leaving for about 15 minutes or until the mask is completely dry to touch.

I adore these products so much! The Clarisonic Mia 2 is amazing and honestly makes such a difference to my skin, leaving me to understand the hype so much. I notice a difference in my skin whenever I stop using it or get lazy and forget to use it. I used to have quite a lot of under the surface-skin spots that no matter what I used I couldn't seem to rid myself of them, but after the using the Mia 2 they've all completely gone. My skin now is pretty much as clear as I can get it and it's given me so much confidence. It also doesn't leave my skin dry or super tight afterwards; just clean and smooth. The Deep Pore Cleanser I've also really enjoyed using as it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin nor dry it out. It works perfectly with the Mia 2 but I also enjoy using it on it's own. The Clay Mask I also really like as it doesn't leave my skin red afterwards like a lot of the other clay masks on the market, and drastically clears up my skin after a few days of using it (great for hangover days when your skin is in need of a little help!) As I do find the first few days after using it I do break out but that's normally due to it drawing all the dirt to the surface of my skin and out!

I honestly don't have any issues with the Mia 2 besides the hefty price tag, but for how much use I've gotten out of it, how long the charge lasts and how clear my skin is - I'd say it's worth it. The Deep Pore kit is also pretty expensive and even though I do love the cleanser I have tried others that are just as good for a cheaper price tag. But, my only main issue was with the Deep Pore Brush Head. As I found it was great with me for a start but then I ended up with super dry skin and it didn't rid me of my congested blackheads around my nose. So, if using the brush head I'd only recommend using it once/twice a week.

Is it worth the splurge?
I definitely think the Mia 2 is worth the splurge and recommend it to any and every skin type! Whereas, the Deep Pore Kit I recommend the clay mask whereas the cleanser and the brush head I'd say isn't really worth the splurge. Especially, I'd say it's only suitable for extremely oily skin types and not really combination skin types - like myself.

Mia 2 - 10/10
Deep Pore Kit - 6/10

My All Time Favourite Skincare Products

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Today I thought I'd feature my all time favourite skincare products that as of yet I will continually repurchase as I so far find these are the best of the best. Especially, as I beauty blog I do try a wide range of skincare so it does take a lot for a product to stand out to me and get me to repurchase.

  1. Emma Hardie Amazing Face Cleansing Balm (My review | Link) | Link - I've adored this stuff ever since my very first purchase way, way back in 2009 and since then continuously go back to this every single time, no matter what balm I've previously tried this stuff always comes out on top. This is great for all skin types of all ages and I recommend it to anyone that wants clear, healthy skin.
  2. Clarisonic Mia 2 | Link - This isn't photographed above but is a product I've now owned for about 2-3 years and can't really imagine my skin without it. It honestly made such a dramatic difference to my skin and I notice a difference straight away when I stop using it. I have a review upcoming for this in the next couple of weeks so keep an eye out, as it will also feature my review on the decongested clarisonic set. 
  3. Origins Drink Up Intensive and Origins Drink Up Face Masks | Link - These two are honestly great and I continuously use these interchangeably. I prefer the intensive more during the winter months and the general Drink Up during the summer when my skin isn't as dehydrated. I also think these are fab to use on long plane flights where your skin always gets a bit dry and yucky. 
  4. Caudalie Beauty Elixr (My review | Link) | Link - This skin beautifying spray is perfect all year round, but especially during the summer when your skin needs a quick refresh. I adore using this in so many different ways from using it as my toner in the morning with my skincare routine, using it as a primer for my foundation, using it to set my makeup and to give it a more natural/glowy look or to even refresh my face throughout the day. Overall, this is just a great product that smells delightful and I get along with perfectly.
  5. Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate | Link - This oil is beautiful and smells absolutely amazing, I've had this for about a year now and I've still got more than 3/4 of the bottle left! Which is amazing to say I use it nearly 3-4 times a week. I've got a post upcoming of a review of this oil that will be going up soon so check that out to find out more and how to use it.
  6. La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo + | Link - This has been a staple in my skincare for so long I can barely remember what it was like not to use this. The Effaclar Duo is another great product to use in many different ways, from as a light daytime moisturiser, a spot treatment or a primer. This works even for the most sensitive of skin types so if you're more on the dry side, don't hesitate!
  7. Origins A Perfect World Moisturiser | Link - I love this stuff so much!! This is my first ever jar of this coca-cola smelling moisturiser and I can already confidently say that it won't be my last. I use it as a nighttime mosituriser and adore the effect it leaves on my skin for the next day. It's softer, smoother and hydrated. 
  8. Pixi Glow Tonic | Link - This chemical exfoliator is perfect for absolutely any skin type. It's designed to resurface and revitalise the skin whilst also soothing this skin. Therefore, resulting in glowing, luminous, smooth skin. The likes of infamous Caroline Hiron's adores this product, which just shows how much this is a must have for anyones skincare stash.
  9. Bioderma Sensibo H20 | Link - My must have product for taking off any and all eye make up, and the addition of the rest of my make up, It's perfect because it gets everything off without me having to tug my skin nor does it irritate it.

Thanks for reading!
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Fashion Winter Wish List

Hey lovelies,

Recently I've been super busy with exams and I've finally had the time to sit down and write. The past few months I've been building up a pile of stuff in my ASOS basket to purchase, hopefully in the Boxing Day sales; so I thought I'd share it with you today.

ASOS Turtle Neck A Line Shift Dress - £31.50
ASOS Cropped V Neck Kimono Blouse - £15
ASOS NIGHT Metallic Skinny Strap Mini Skater Dress - £52
Daisy Street Black Snake Print Block Heel Ankle Boots - £34.99

New Look Suedette Swing Dress - £24.99
Boutique Aura Mesh Grid Full Midi Skater Skirt - £16
Suvi Rouched Sleeve Midi Skirt Co-Ord Set - £20
Fashion Union Heritage Check Aline Mini Skirt with Pockets - £28

New Look Bat Pu Double Zip - £19.99
Kate Belted Shawl Collar Coat - £20
Sally MA1 Bomber - £35
Lara Prince Of Wales Check Coat - £35

Cutest Gift Set Ever

I'm a massive fan of cute, quirky gifts and especially anything to do with Bodycare. (As you've seen from my mass amount of Lush and shower gel loving posts). I was sent this adorable cute Toast and Jam Body Wash Set | Link from The Internet Gift Store. Furthermore, I'm a major believer in buying Christmas gifts early (yes, I did just mention the C word!), and I think cute, quirky gifts like this that aren't super pricey are great for friends or even stocking fillers that make Christmas Day a bit more exciting and unique.

The Basics
Brand: Mad Beauty
Name of Product: Toast and Jam Body Wash SetPurpose of product: Body wash to clean, awaken and revive the skin by leaving it smelling fruity and freshPrice: £6.99 | Link
Who it's aimed for: Anybody and everybody really! Especially someone that likes to try new and different things
Product Description

A strawberry scented body wash that comes with toast-shaped sponge, designed to be fruity and fresh. Great gift idea.
Where to buy: Internet Gift Store | Link 

How To UseObviously, everyone knows how to use a body wash but as this is more of a jelly and has a more thicker, liquid consistency (much alike real jelly) myself and Internet Gift Store recommend using it by lathering yourself and the product with warm water (or however you like your shower/bath to be!) and then gently massaging into the skin before washing away.

I adore this product for so many reasons! The packaging is easy and simple to use and get the product out and clearly highlights when you're running low - and need to repurchase! It has a lovely fresh strawberry scent and is so exciting and fun to use due to it's jelly shaped texture and appearance. The toast shaped sponge is also a really cool idea and completely unique. I personally, fell in love with the product before I even opened the packaging purely because of the toast sponge. It's also a great dupe for any of Lush's shower jellys or The Body Shops raspberry shower gel.

Sadly, I don't have any massive cons. My only main issue was that it smelt so nice it was difficult to not want to try and eat it! I also wished it had a few skincare benefits besides just making me smell nice. 

Should I Buy It?/Do I Recommend?I would say definitely! It's a super cute gift that any young girl or older woman or of any gender really would appreciate.

I also highly recommend checking out the online Internet Gift Store because they have a great variety of products to buy for just about everybody, from Christmas to Mothers Day to Graduation Day!

What do you get: A strawberry scented body wash and a toast-shaped sponge

Thank you for reading,