Cutest Gift Set Ever

I'm a massive fan of cute, quirky gifts and especially anything to do with Bodycare. (As you've seen from my mass amount of Lush and shower gel loving posts). I was sent this adorable cute Toast and Jam Body Wash Set | Link from The Internet Gift Store. Furthermore, I'm a major believer in buying Christmas gifts early (yes, I did just mention the C word!), and I think cute, quirky gifts like this that aren't super pricey are great for friends or even stocking fillers that make Christmas Day a bit more exciting and unique.

The Basics
Brand: Mad Beauty
Name of Product: Toast and Jam Body Wash SetPurpose of product: Body wash to clean, awaken and revive the skin by leaving it smelling fruity and freshPrice: £6.99 | Link
Who it's aimed for: Anybody and everybody really! Especially someone that likes to try new and different things
Product Description

A strawberry scented body wash that comes with toast-shaped sponge, designed to be fruity and fresh. Great gift idea.
Where to buy: Internet Gift Store | Link 

How To UseObviously, everyone knows how to use a body wash but as this is more of a jelly and has a more thicker, liquid consistency (much alike real jelly) myself and Internet Gift Store recommend using it by lathering yourself and the product with warm water (or however you like your shower/bath to be!) and then gently massaging into the skin before washing away.

I adore this product for so many reasons! The packaging is easy and simple to use and get the product out and clearly highlights when you're running low - and need to repurchase! It has a lovely fresh strawberry scent and is so exciting and fun to use due to it's jelly shaped texture and appearance. The toast shaped sponge is also a really cool idea and completely unique. I personally, fell in love with the product before I even opened the packaging purely because of the toast sponge. It's also a great dupe for any of Lush's shower jellys or The Body Shops raspberry shower gel.

Sadly, I don't have any massive cons. My only main issue was that it smelt so nice it was difficult to not want to try and eat it! I also wished it had a few skincare benefits besides just making me smell nice. 

Should I Buy It?/Do I Recommend?I would say definitely! It's a super cute gift that any young girl or older woman or of any gender really would appreciate.

I also highly recommend checking out the online Internet Gift Store because they have a great variety of products to buy for just about everybody, from Christmas to Mothers Day to Graduation Day!

What do you get: A strawberry scented body wash and a toast-shaped sponge

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