First Impressions: Shea Moisture Haircare

Last time I popped into Boots I noticed this beautiful looking brand on offer and was already on the hunt for some new haircare. I recently bleached my hair and ever since I've been trying to maintain the condition of my hair whilst also improving any damage left behind or from everyday activities.

Ingredients: The ingredients in these are pretty simple which is great when you're looking for natural products with high-quality ingredients inside. The main ingredients are; Shea butter, kelp, argan oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, castor oil, peppermint and a range of flower extracts. The other great thing about this brand is it's colour safe and is free of sulfates.
I was honestly shocked when I looked on the back and realised I could pronounce and recognise pretty much every single ingredient, which doesn't happen a lot! Especially, because most of these oils are already extremely well known in the haircare industry for providing healthier, softer hair.

When I first picked these up, it was on a whim and I wasn't 100% sure whether they would do much - purely because I'd never even heard of the brand before.  Even more so they weren't super expensive and sat around the £10-12 margin which is great considering the range of stunning ingredients that cost quite a bit on their own.

Overall, I didn't notice a massive difference straight away from other 'less natural' haircare products, besides the consistency of the shampoo which had a thicker substance and then a lighter oil that sat on top which requires shaking to mix together before use. I did find I need a smaller amount than other drugstore products and seemed to still work just as well. I find overall in time it will definitely do the job of restoring any damage and maintaining the softness of my hair as after one use I did definitely notice my hair felt softer. My general first impression was that the consistency of the products were quite thick and heavy so I personally wouldn't recommend for people with fine, thin and/or short hair. I also, someone with super thick, long hair, found I used the normal amount I use for other brands for the first use and it ended up being way too much! So, definitely less is more with these products.

Thanks for reading,