Stila Spring 2013 Collection

Stila Beauty In Bloom Spring 2013 Collection

Stila Beauty In Bloom Spring 2013 Collection Hey!
Well the new collection and brand I'm loving this month is Stila's all new Spring 2013 collection! The packaging is absolutely gorgeous and extremely cute and pretty. I'm deciding which products to buy as I pretty much want the whole collection, but a definite from the bunch is:
The 'All You Need Is Love' valentines day cheek palette:

It's absolutely gorgeous and looks like something that would give off a real natural and radiant glow. Although I haven't tried any of the blushes from Stila, this looks like a really good palette to start with due to it being so natural and versatile at a decent price of £12!

And my final favourite that's going to be on my wish list from the collection is the 'Stay All Day 3D Wet-To-Set Eye Shadow Trio' in 
'First Light': 
Stay All Day 3D Wet-to-Set Eye Shadow Trio
And 'Desert Sunrise' :
Stay All Day 3D Wet-to-Set Eye Shadow Trio

These are meant to be used with a wet brush to apply to give the highest pigment and effect but I just think these colours look absolutely gorgeous and the palettes all compliment each other. I am famous for loving my neutrals and champagnes and these seem to give me my daily fix but also bring in a few new colours and shades to try.

What Spring Collection or favourite brand are you enjoying at the minute? And what are your favourites from the collection?
Let me know :) 
Victoria Louise x

p.s I will be uploading at least one post a week!