Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream Review


Well sorry I've disappeared this past week I was skiing in Bormio! It was a wonderful trip and I took quite a few products to try out and test. I will be uploading a few posts in the upcoming weeks; one will be the Emma Hardie Amazing Face skincare review, my recent Avon purchases, April wish list and another make-up review!


So, let's get down to the review of the Maybelline BB Cream. Personally, I am a major fan of BB creams as I love the idea around them and the fact they are supposed to make you look glowy and natural, with a slight sun-kissed look - one of my all time favourite looks as you can gather from my previous post.

Price - £7.99 from Boots, click here to purchase.

I took this as my coverage for my face during my holiday and wore it on the 27 hour coach drive to
Italy, yes you heard that right 27 hours! This gave me a perfect chance to see how well the BB cream lasts and what sort of coverage it gives in different weather conditions.

Overall, I wasn't that pleased - the product claims to: 

1.Create a natural glow.
2.Compliment skin-tone.
3.SPF30 UV protection.
4.Hydrate all day.
5.Blurs imperfections.
6.Oil free - non greasy.
7.Looks visibly fresh.
8.Feels fresh.

I feel that when applied it does feel fresh and I can't really comment much on the SPF side of things but it does feel so light on application and literally feels like you aren't wearing anything. Sadly, though it doesn't look like you are either. I feel that the shade I got which was 'Light' was slightly orange as you can tell, so for people with lighter skin tones than me be wary. Even more so, it's extremely watery to the extent it seeps out the bottle, so even though the packaging is wonderful and 'fresh' looking it does become dirty quite easily (as you can tell from mine!) Even more so, the coverage is rather poor and wearing it for at least 12 hours till I washed my face to try and sleep on the coach, it started to turn quite crumbly and appear dry on my forehead and nose - not pleasant. The only real bonus of this BB cream is the fact it's so liquidy and light you can easily apply it with your fingers, and isn't too difficult to blend into the skin - it's just extremely poor at coverage.

Swatch of shade 'Light'

Thank you guys for reading, please comment and share!

Victoria Louise x