March Favourites 2013


Well I thought I'd get in my March favourites, I've tried to cover a wide amount and not chose anything too pricey!

march beauty faves


1. My first area for my March favourites is body, and my chosen product is a Soap and Co body scrub. Now I understand this is a bit higher on the price range for body scrubs, but it is so wonderful! It smells absolutely delicious and the scrub is packed full of minerals and natural moisturising oils. The main reason I've been using this is to rid of some extremely annoying soap spots that have collected on my upper arms - and this product definitely bites back! I normally scoop out a small handful, exfoliate it in circles on my arms and leave it for at least 5 minutes. Afterwards I wash it off and immediately my arms are silky smooth. My soap spots have reduced so much, I actually can't explain how pleased I am, the redness on my arms has near-enough vanished and my arms have cleared up really well. I believe I have the one called 'Ocean' but I can't be exact as I've used it so much all the labels have peeled off, but you can buy all their products here, but there are mini stands dotted around the UK in shopping centres. I bought mine at Westfield for about £35.


2. Next chosen area is face and more specifically, skincare. At the minute my skin is all over the place and my skin type is pretty much combination at the moment, so I find it really difficult to combat both the oily and dry issues that come with the combination skin type equally without making one of them worse when improving the other. I mainly have an oily t-zone and  dryness everywhere else, so a decent exfoliator is really vital to my skincare to combat the dead skin cells and to combat my oil. So, my favourite is Clearasil's 'Ultra Rapid Action Face Scrub', I use it normally twice a week unless I get a really bad breakout then I will use it once in the morning and once at night until it starts to fade. The scrub states that it will 'fight breakouts' and give 'visibly clearer skin in 12 hours'. I don't personally believe it makes a dramatic difference in 12 hours but it does clear up my skin and make it appear brighter and fresher looking. My face doesn't feel tight after using it either, though I must stress the importance of using a moisturiser afterwards, as the beads in the scrub can be quite rough if you're quite heavy handed when applying. You can get it for just £5.35 and pretty much any drugstore, at the minute Superdrug has an offer on where it's half price.


Next is make-up and my favourites at the minute are the (3) Avon '8-in-1 Eyeshadow Palette'. The colours are absolutely gorgeous and can be worn for every and any occasion. They are easy to blend and pigmented to perfection. Sadly you can't buy this anymore but if you have a snoop around I bet eBay will have it. I recall paying about £5.50 for it.

Now, my favourite for my lips at the minute is (4) Too Faced 'Mood Lips' in 'Pink Shimmer'. As you can see from the swatch it starts off a lovely lilac colour and then after application to the lips it shifts with your mood to a gorgeous pink. I think this is an amazing lip gloss and besides the fact it changes colour, the actual colour is wonderful and the gloss is perfect. It isn't too sticky and actually feels like it nourishes my lips after applying. Even more so, the colour and gloss last for absolutely ages! The gloss obviously does fade first, but the colour stays for so long that you could easily just top up your lips with a cheap, clear gloss and it would look just as brilliant. They are £14.50 and you can buy at places like, Boots.

Finally, my final make-up favourite is my (5) Maybelline Colossal Mascara, now I won't go into too much detail as you can just look at my previous post for a more detailed review on the product but seriously this is amazing - so go out and buy it! You can also buy this from any drugstore shop, i.e. Boots for £7.19.


Lastly, my favourite nail polish at the minute is (6) No7's 'Salsa'. The colour is so bright and gorgeous and I believe can be worn all around the year. It looks brill on your fingernails and your toe nails (I find sometimes some colours look odd on your feet!). The effect it leaves is a wonderfully glossy, shiny effect and with two coats can look so proffesional and expensive. I'm not too sure if this is still officialy for sale, but you can buy it here off Amazon for £3.30.


Thank you guys for reading, please comment and share!
Next week I will be posting my none beauty favourites and another new post!
Victoria Louise x