March Random Favourites

March Random Favourites

Hey you lot!

I'd thought I'd give you a random insight into my not-so-exciting life and give you a glimpse of my favourites of the previous month, March!

One thing you should all know, is that I'm a major book worm so I go through a lot of books quickly and easily, so for books to stick out to me is a sure sign it's a favourite of mine. The two I enjoyed during March were: 
1) City of Bones by Cassandra Clare - I absolutely adored this book and ended up buying every other entire book available from the, 'The Mortal Instruments' Series!
2) And my second book because it's hard to resist books (hahaha), is Fated by Sarah Alderson - this book was so fast paced and fun to read, definitely looking forward to grabbing my hands on the sequel to this.

Next is music and at the moment I'm so in love with Paramore's 'Still Into You', I love them anyway but this tune is so catchy and is slightly relevant to my life at the minute - no, don't worry I won't break down into a life story!
Finally, my favourite album is OneRepublic's 'Native', it's a gorgeous album and actually quite surprised me, as I do love them anyway but I mainly only love the odd song like 'Come Home' and 'Secrets'. But, with this album it just kept hitting me with song after song that I loved. My top favourites from the album are, 'If I Lose Myself', 'What You Wanted', 'I Lived', 'Light It Up', 'Can't Stop', 'Au Revoir', 'Burning Bridges', 'Preacher' and 'Life In Colour'. Yes, I do realise I have pretty much listed the whole entire album, but I-do-not-care, it is a flawless album!

Third, is my favourite film and it's not a new film by any sort but it's called 'Chalet Girl' and is pretty much just a chick-flick, as you know I went on a skiing trip last week and this was such a perfect film to watch on the coach on the way/on the way back as it just helped me maintain my excitement and then allowed me to remember how wonderful the holiday was. I also do just love this film altogether, it's funny, girly and the main character is so cool at snowboarding - I may have got a little jealous...

Also, my fashion/clothing love at the minute is disco pants - now I know a lot of you probably hate them and to be honest so did I. But, they've grown on me and now I absolutely love them! You can pretty much team them up with anything and can be dressed up or dressed down. Even more so, the fact they're so comfortable (Unless you like them tight!) means they are a nice break from skinnies which is what I pretty much wear 24/7. My favourites are:
1) Topshop Disco Treggings - £30
 Topshop legging

2) House of Fraser GLAMOROUS Disco Pant Legging - £30
Glamorous legging
3) Desire Black Pleather Disco Leggings - £12
Finally my last favourite of the month is my favourite YouTube Beauty Blogger and it's a lovely girl called 'Zoella' you can find her channel, here. She's so friendly, funny and genuine - someone I really enjoy watching on YouTube (that sounds kinda creepy...)

Anyways, thank you lovelies for reading, please comment, share and subscribe or follow me on BlogLovin! 

Victoria Louise x