Nivea Daily Essentials Tinted Moisturising Day Cream Review

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Sorry for the late post but it was my birthday yesterday so I've been really busy all week and today so I had to postpone doing this post till later today, a.k.a now. But today I'm going to be reviewing Nivea's 'Tinted Moisturising Day Cream'. I warn you lot this isn't going to be a positive review....

Basically this is the product, and it is supposedly for all skin types and has an SPF of 8. Now some of you will be thinking, "An SPF of 8?! What good is that going to do?" Now I must say, fair point but, here in the UK we hardly get any sun so it's not like I need a high SPF rating on my face. But, apart from that positive I really can't see any more real advantages. It does feel creamy when applying it but it is extremely difficult to blend and ends up seeming to dry on my face straight away, leaving it extremely patchy and streaky on my face (not a good look). My friend, also has this and seems to have the same issue with the fact if you swipe your face or even just press down lightly somewhere on your face, the moisturiser will instantly be removed and disappear off you face, leaving it even more streaky and patchy. I must admit it doesn't leave my face looking cakey, mainly due to the fact if I try to blend it with my fingers it just wipes off. Sadly, it doesn't last throughout the day either - by about lunchtime sometimes earlier it's completely vanished from my t-zone. Even more so, the only shade available is 'natural' which being the pale girl I am is way too dark for me and leaves me looking orange. I am going to consider taking this on holiday with me to use when I am the right shade and purely just to use it up but that's about all future use I will have for it.

I recommend this for anyone with possibly really dry skin and quite dark/tanned skin tones - anyone else, steer clear.

This can be purchased from Boots for £3.66, here.

Here's a swatch and then it blended into my hand, my rubbish camera actually did it some justice!

You can see it still looks patchy

If you're wondering why I keep doing negative reviews it's just because I'm trying to find a decent BB cream and/or tinted moisturiser so if you have any recommendations please let me know!

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