MAC Brush Cleanser Review {Inc. How To Clean Your Brushes}

Hey lovelies,

I thought I'd do a review on something a bit random but still related to beauty, it's the MAC Brush Cleanser.

This is used to clean your brushes and something I reckon anyone should do if they own make-up brushes. As, if they're dirty it can actually make your skin worse and cause spots, the brushes themselves don't last as long or stay in good condition and it also can result in colours coming out differently as being mixed with residue on the brush from a previous use.
Now, overall I'm really imressed with this brush cleaner, it cleans them easily and quickly, so you don't have to go tugging at the brush bristles and a decent amount comes in the bottle. I personally, don't believe it's that expensive compared to other brush cleaners and for how good it is it's definitely worth it. You can purchase it here for £10. This I fully feel is a firm favourite for brush cleaners and will always be the product I use.
For anyone that's not too sure how to clean your brushes for this particular product or possibly others, I go about cleaning them by pouring a small amount onto a folded tissue. Then I follow up by gently wiping clean my brushes with the wet tissue until when I rub the brush no more make-up comes off and it's fully clean.
Step by step on how to clean your brushes:
  1. Select the desired brushes that need cleaning. The three featured here are, Real Techniques 'Blush Brush' for £9.99,  Real Techniques 'Contour Brush' from the 'Core Collection' for £20.99 and the Sigma 'E20/Short Shader' for £14.99.
  2. Grab a few sheets of tissue.
  3. Take your desired brush cleaner (MAC Brush Cleanser)
  4. Apply a decent amount to the tissues until it's damp, but not soaked.
  5. Gently stroke and wipe your brushes down until they leave no residue/makeup behind on the tissue.
  6. Ta-da! Your brushes are now wonderfully clean and soft!
If that step-by-step wasn't enough for you to understand the process then I recommend checking out this video here where Sam Chapman shows and describes to you how to clean her own brushes, Real Techniques. (Although it works the exact same for all brushes).
If you do want a cheaper option to cleaning your brushes try using a gentle shampoo, such as Johnson's Baby Shampoo and just let them soak for a few minutes and wipe it off.

I hope this was helpful!
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Victoria Louise x