Amie Skincare Review {Inc. Facial Wash, Clay Mask & Matte Moisturiser}

Hey lovelies!
Today I thought I'd do a big review on a skincare brand I've been obsessing over for about 6 months now. The brand is called 'Amie' and prizes itself on being suited for sensitive, young skin due to being free of harsh chemicals and containing natural and plant extracts. So, being as my skin is young and sensitive, naturally I was dying to try it out.

The first is the Amie Morning Clear Purifying Facial Wash,  for £4.95. I love this wash as it doesn't strip my face due to it being super creamy and I feel is really good for my skin as it doesn't leave it feeling tight. But, it also doesn't majorly clean my skin either. So, I'd only recommend this for super young/sensitive skin but not anyone with oily/acne prone skin. As I feel this is maybe so delicate that it's not enough to fully clean my skin.

Secondly, is the Amie Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask, for £7.49. This is my all-time favourite product by Amie and is now one of my all-time favourite face masks! It's soft, gentle and smells delicious! I also love how well it cools my skin and the fact I can not just feel it working but afterwards I can see the difference of how it's cleared up my skin. Furthermore, I love how it doesn't upset any of my skin, especially the dry areas which normally break down when I use clay masks and that it's green which reminds me of the traditional face mask. I would recommend this to everybody and anybody!

Finally, the Amie Morning Dew Matte-Finish Moisturiser, for £4.95. Now, this is my least favourite product of Amie's not really because it's bad but merely because it just doesn't do anything! I know it doesn't state to have any magical properties but still every time I went to use it, I found myself wishing it did. The only thing I would say this is good for would be as a base if you know going to have photos taken, due to it having no SPF and being matte you wouldn't get the shiny, white ghost look. I wouldn't really recommend this anyone but if I had to it would be oily skin types due to it being a matte moisturiser.

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I hope you found this helpful if you're considering trying out this brand or looking for a new skincare item,
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