SkinnyMint Teatox Review

Hey lovelies,
Today I thought I'd do a quick review on a teatox I've been using for a while now!

The Basics
The tea comes with a 'Morning Boost' and a 'Night Cleanse'. The 'Morning Boost' you're meant to take every morning preferably before you have breakfast. Whereas, the 'Night Cleanse' you're meant to have only every other night time just before you go to sleep.

The Review
Personally I really enjoyed using it and would definitely recommend buying it! I mainly used it to help with the health benefits more than the attached weight loss these teatox's claim. Overall, it really cleared up my skin and helped me feel much more healthier. It gave me massive amounts of energy that lasted throughout the day and prevented me from feeling bloated after having a big meal.
Sadly, the taste isn't my favourite taste but I'm yet to try and green tea that I actually do like the taste of. But, for the cute packaging and pretty affordable price of £32.90 and they are always doing price promotions I honestly couldn't not recommend this to you guys!

I hope this helped you narrow down which teatox to try, and gave you a quick insight into what they're like!
Thank you for reading and please don't hesitate to keep up to date with me on my social media,