The Body Shop Aloe Skincare Collection Review {Sensitive Skin}

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Today I'm doing a review on one of my all time favourite skincare brands: 'The Body Shop'.  Nearly all products I've tried from there I've enjoyed, their packaging is also always adorable and I love that each skincare collection is categorised based on particular skincare concerns. Previous to this I have reviewed their entire seaweed collection which is aimed at combination skintypes - which I am. You can have a read of that by clicking this link.

Brand: The Body Shop
Name of Product: Aloe Calming Facial Cleanser, Aloe Gentle Face Wash, Aloe Soothing Night Cream, Aloe Soothing Moisture Lotion SPF 15Purpose of Product: Soothe sensitive skin, irritation and reduce signs or irritation or rednessPrice: Cleanser: £8.50 | Link , Face Wash: £8.50 | Link , Night Cream: £12.00 | Link , Lotion: £12.00 | Link
Where to buy: The Body ShopHow Much Product Do You Get: Cleanser: 200ml, Face Wash: 150ml, Night Cream: 50ml, Lotion: 50mlAimed For: Sensitive Skin - including anyone that has redness, irritation or possible allergies (would have to double check ingredients)

How To Use
For mornings I first go in with the 'Calming Facial Cleanser' to gently remove any dirty - especially around my sensitive eyes. Then, I wash my face with the 'Gentle Face Wash', then after toning I apply the 'Moisture Lotion'. At night time, I still use the 'Calming Facial Cleanser' to clean my skin - I either use it first on days where I haven't worn makeup or second after using a cleansing oil on days where I have. Then, after completing my night time skincare routine I go in with the 'Night Cream'.

Personally I'm a massive fan so far of this whole range because it does what it says on the tin - soothes sensitive skin. I've noticed when using these products my skin hasn't been as itchy nor as red looking which is great for me as I can now get away with using less foundation! My all time favourite product out of the bunch is the 'Night Cream', its thick and luxurious and lovely to apply to face but doesn't leave my oily-combination skin greasy in the morning. I also adore how gentle the 'Calming Facial Cleanser' is - as I can get away with using it on my eyes without irritating them. I also think the packaging is simple and easy to work with, furthermore the price points for these products are great. Especially, due to the fact The Body Shop has regular sales and offers on online and instore.

Overall, I don't have any major negatives to say about the products apart from how I felt they worked with my skin. As even though my skin is pretty sensitive, it's also a combination-oily mess so finding the right balance can be tricky. For example, as gentle as the 'Face Wash' was I found it didn't really clean my skin nor get rid of any of the grime that had built up over the night. Furthermore, I'm honestly not a massive fan of the aloe fragrance but have grown used to it due me using this skincare. I also wasn't a massive fan of the 'Moisture Lotion', as even though it has SPF it isn't very high to make much of a difference. I also find it left a white cast on my skin and made me super oily after only two hours of wear!

Should I Buy It?/Do I Recommend?
Overall, I definitely do recommend The Body Shop Aloe Skincare collection and will most definitely be purchasing other products from the line. Out of the products mentioned I would definitely recommend buying the cleanser and the night cream as I personally feel any - and all - skin types will work well with these two products.


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