Clarins 'Eye Contour Gel' Review

Hey lovelies,
Today I've got a skincare review for you on the Clarins 'Eye Contour Gel' which I was recommended after my facial last year. 

The Basics
Brand: Clarins
Name of Product: Eye Contour Gel
Purpose of product: To help aid with puffiness and dark circles
Price: £31 | Link
Where to buy: Boots
How much product do you get: 20ml
Who it's aimed for: All skin types but mainly for people that deal with dark circles or puffiness.

Product Description
A cooling, non-oily gel that's ultra lightweight and rich in plant extracts to help reduce puffiness and dark circles. Can be used any time of day and is fragrance free so suitable for even the sensitive of eyes.

How To Use
I apply it once in the morning before my moisturiser by lightly pressing it into the contour of my eye with my ring finger. I then follow up with the gel at nighttime once again before my moisturiser. 

This was quite an average product for me so sadly there isn't a massive lot to say about the product. I found the product was quite cooling and even though it was a gel consistency it still dried quickly - which was great for rushed days where I had to apply makeup straight after washing my face. I found to make it even cooler I put it in the fridge, which then once applied was lovely and refreshing. It slightly limited dryness and redness, and also due to it being fragrance free it didn't upset my sensitive eyes which was great.

Overall, I found it didn't really help at all with my dark circles which was the main reason I bought the eye cream and the whole function of the product. I also realised, this was best for nighttime as I've found I need something a bit thicker and more of a brightening product during the day. Sadly, once I did some research into the product I realised once again, like my toner review {click here}, apart from the refreshing feeling it gave you, the ingredients ultimately give no benefits for the skin around the eyes.

Should I Buy It?/Do I Recommend?
Overall, I wouldn't recommend it - nor suggest buying it. I find for such a basic eye cream/gel that the only benefit is that it's refreshing is not worth the steep price tag. Especially, as even though it didn't upset my sensitive skin around my eyes I am aware there are plenty of other eye creams that achieve the same result and more, at a much better price point.


Thank you for reading,
I hope this helped and if you're interested in seeing any of more of my Clarins reviews {click here}, if you've recently tried an eye cream recently that you've loved don't hesitate to let me know as I clearly need a new one!