Not Your Mother's 'Way To Grow' Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Hey lovelies,
Today on Victoria Louise Beauty is a review of the 'Not Your Mother's: Way To Grow' shampoo and conditioner which I've has currently been my haircare routine. A bit of background knowledge for my hair is, it's long, ombre-d at the end, extremely thick, dry and verging on damaged *yikes*.  If you want to view any of my other haircare related posts {click here}, they range from reviews of treatments, other shampoo and conditioners and monthly favourites. 

The Basics
Brand: Not Your Mother's
Name of Product: Way To Grow Long & Strong Shampoo and Conditioner
Purpose of product: To help grow stronger, healthier hair whilst limiting breakage. 
Price: Shampoo: £7.59 | Link , Conditioner: £9.20 | Link
Where to buy: Urban Outfitters 
How much product do you get: 237ml for both 
Who it's aimed for: All types or thickness, but especially dry, unhealthy, chemically treated hair.

Product Description
Made with essential vitamins, herbs and bioactive extracts for stronger, healthier hair to grow longer. Made for existing hair; it doesn't grow new hair. Safe for use with chemically treated hair

How To Use
I apply the shampoo first to damp hair and massage into a lather, for about 2-3 minutes. Then rinse off thoroughly, Following through with the conditioner which I apply to the bottom half of my hair and leave on for about 5 minutes before combing through and then washing it out.

Surprisingly, I really enjoyed using these products. As previous to purchasing these I'd heard a lot of hype surrounding this collection and was nervous when trying them to see whether they would live up to their reputation. Which they did. I loved the fruity smell they left on my hair and that the brand doesn't state it will help magically grow your hair, only help what does grow to be healthier. *cough cough Lee Stafford*. The shampoo lathers really well and doesn't leave my hair feeling stripped. The conditioner also has quite a weird, foamy consistency to it but was still enjoyable to use. I also loved how both products were sulfate free and suitable for coloured hair. Out of the two, the shampoo was definitely my favourite.

Overall, there wasn't much I hated about the products. They left my hair feeling healthier and all-round happier. I did find the conditioner wasn't as 'intensely moisturising' as described nor expected it to be. I also found I still had breakage with my hair and sadly it didn't live up to the previously mentioned Lee Stafford Hair Growth collection | Link, which is my all time favourite hair care for long hair. But, to say you get a lot more product for your money and it still delivers an admirable result, I can't say I hate it.

Should I buy it? Do I recommend?
I do recommend it, most definitely for all hair types. Especially, on how much product you get for your money I say why not give it a try? It worked well on my hair to say what awful condition it was in to begin with. 


Thank you for reading lovelies,
if you've tried this product don't hesitate to let me know what you think or if you've tried any other haircare products that you've really liked!