End Of July Update

Hey lovelies,
Here is another monthly update for you and whilst this is up I should hopefully be enjoying the sun!

TV Shows
This month I finished off a brand new show that I cannot wait for the next of already and I also started watching the next season of one of my all-time favourite tv shows;

1. Wayward Pines
This show is so amazing and I'm honestly so glad I came across it and decided to watch it! I find this show is best if you go into it knowing nothing - but to it basically follows a secret service agent Ethan who goes looking for two missing agents who were last sent to Wayward Pines. But, when he arrives he realises there's a lot more going on. This whole show as a really big 'Lost' feel but so far actually seems to be good at explaining the craziness - unlike 'Lost' *cough cough* the polar bear. It was also originally books so I'm really eager to borrow these from the library and see how they parallel to the TV Show.

2. Teen Wolf
My second TV show is Teen Wolf, which is finally back on my screen showcasing Season 5 after a torturous wait over the break! This is one of my all time favourite TV shows. I love how scary it is but all how comical and satirical the show can be! The characters are as always with a teen TV show super attractive, but also relatable and quite realistic. The show follows a boy, who as the name suggests, is part teen part wolf. This obviously leads to problems, struggles and enemies which seem to get creepier and creepier every season. But, if all of that doesn't persuade you to watch the show that let these final two words do it; Dylan O'Brien. This guy is beautiful, funny and an amazing actor (was recently in the Maze Runner - which btw is an awesome film!).

This month was actually my most successful reading month and gave me over a 10+ lead in my Goodreads Reading Challenge (which you can check out here) so as you can be surprised it was extremely difficult for me to narrow down just two books I loved the most!

1. Uglies by Scott Westerfeld
This book follows Tally who is soon to turn 16 and become a 'Pretty'. A 'Pretty' involves having major plastic surgery but in this world it's classed as normal. Until, Tally meets a new friend called Shay who doesn't want the surgery. Soon, Tally is faced with an ultimatum betray her friend or never become a 'Pretty'. This book is simultaneously interesting and realistic yet completely horrifying. It highlighted to me the power of society and how 'beauty' is an opinion and no-one see's it the same. I recommend this book to everybody and anybody as I really believe this book would open a lot of peoples eyes. 
Rated 4.5 Stars

Favourite Quote: “Your personality - the real you inside - was the price of beauty.” 

2. Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard
This book centres around Red's and Silver's. Red's have red blood and are classed as lower class/second rate citizens yet are basically treated like dirt on your shoe, whereas Silver's who have silver blood have special abilities and therefore class themselves as royalty. The book follows Mare, a red blooded citizen,  who ends up working for the enemy the Silver's but soon realises even with red blood she has a special power of her own... This book is all about trust, betrayal and power play. The whole time I was kept guessing and loved the underlying meaning of the book and how stupid it is to judge people dependent on something they're born with. This is another book I recommend to anyone.
Rated 5 Stars.

Favourite Quote: "In school, we learned about the world before ours, about the angels and gods that lived in the sky, ruling the earth with kind and loving hands. Some say those are just stories, but I don't believe that. The gods rule us still. They have come down from the stars. And they are no longer kind."

Even though I've mainly been listening to the same music featured in my end of the month update | link, there are a few new tunes I've discovered. 
1. 21 by Hunter Hayes
As previously mentioned I adore country music around summertime and this new release is perfect. I'm a massive fan of Hunter and seem to always adore anything he brings out.

2. Wings by Birdy
Now even though this isn't as feel good as other summer songs, I believe this song and Birdy's voice are so beautiful. I adore listening to this when I first wake up in the morning, chilling out in the sun or just to calm me down before bed.


Insidious Chapter 3
I'm a major fan of horror films and I especially love the Insidious series. I recently watched the most recent instalment and I was not disappointed. This scared the hell out of - which is honestly not easy to do. This has also quickly become my favourite from the series, purely because I felt this had more of an actual storyline and even though it's set before the first two films I believe you could easily watch this without having watched the other two and it most definitely doesn't ruin anything either! If anything it would probably make you want to watch the previous two even more!

Thank you for reading lovelies!