The Worst Hair Oil - Ever.

Hey lovelies,

Now I try not to make a habit of posting negative reviews or talking badly about products, but every so often I buy something that I'm really disappointed in and I think to myself "If only someone had told me, I wouldn't have wasted my money". So, I'm hoping I can save you today and you can end up buying a better product! If you want to view any other reviews of Lee Stafford products click here, as I am a massive fan of some of their other products.

The Basics
Brand: Lee Stafford
Name of Product: Ubunto Oils - Repair Oil
Purpose of product: To repair damaged hair, pamper, restore and hydrate coarse hair.
Price: £9.99 | Link
How much product do you get: 50ml
Who it's aimed for: Hair thats damaged/coarse.
Where to buy: Boots 

Product Description
These oils will leave hair pampered, repaired, restored and full of juicy goodness once again. This repairing saviour, rich in Mafura Oil has the ability to penetrate and restore coarse/damaged hair. Due to its rich concentration, unlike most commercial oils, it can penetrate the cuticle to get deep down to the cortex to repair hair where it really matters. 

How To Use
Apply to wet or dry hair, by pumping a couple of drops (I use three) into your hands, rub together and then evenly distribute between the lengths of your hair, 3/4's of the way down. I recommend using the amount best suited for your hair - as if you have thicker, longer hair like myself you'll obviously need more product than someone with short hair.

Sadly, as the title of this post suggest there are not many pro's to the product. The only few I can think of are that it's not super expensive especially as at Boots there are regular deals of which you can normally get it discounted. The product also smells nice and the packaging is simple to use. Finally, the oil is quite thin and light meaning you can get away with applying it to dry hair without it weighing it down or making it look greasy.

Now my main issue with this product was that it just didn't work! Which obviously defeats any pro to the product. I have quite thick, long and slightly damaged hair from bleaching so when I first read the description of this I was so excited to give it a try - especially as all the other Lee Stafford products I've tried have been amazing (link here to view). It did not repair or nourish my hair in any way what so ever. Especially, with other hair oil products I've dramatically noticed the difference the next day this just didn't do that sadly. My only other main negative comment is that even though the packaging is easy to use it's super difficult to tell how much product is left - which I find a necessity when you like the product and want to buy more.

Should I Buy It?/Do I Recommend?
Obviously, I don't recommend it nor would I repurchase. Although I do recommend using a hair oil and recommend trying the original moroccan oil | Link .


Thank you for reading!
Please don't hesitate to recommend me your favourite hair oils as I'm trying to find a cheaper alternative for the moroccan oil,