My Must Follow Instagram Accounts

Today I thought I'd feature my current five favourite Instagram accounts that I follow at the moment, as I'm a massive fan of beauty and Instagram. The sheer amount of incredible beauty accounts on Instagram can sometimes be a bit overwhelming so if you're looking for any new people to follow, I would definitely recommend checking these out. If you'd like to check out my page, click here.

1. Vegas_Nay - I adore her account, her recent Too Faced collab and that she features other new artists on her page. Meaning it connects you to all sorts of different styles and ideas of beauty across the world.

2. iluvsarahii - This girl is seriously great with makeup, and the fact she also features stunning fashion and upcoming products on her instagram is so helpful in staying current with new releases and trends.

3. Makeupbyan - Now if you want serious eye makeup inspo/porn this is where to look. She is great with makeup in general but every close up eye makeup pic she posts I end up fangirling over for quite a while.

4. Makeupslaves - If you're dying for an account where all your makeup looks, cute product pictures and the occasional fashion pieces, are all in one place: look no further. This is the account for you.

5. Cali_Beaute - Whereas, if you're more of a fan of the makeup products themselves and professional but attractive looking pictures of great, new beauty and skincare products this is the account you need to be checking - often. (Apologies in advance for your bank account)! 

Thank you for reading,