April Beauty Favourites 2012

April Beauty Favourites 2012

Hi there lovelies!

I thought I'd get my beauty favourites in for this month and in all honesty I've been loving loads of products this month, I got quite a few amazing products for my birthday and I'll have reviews on them this month - so keep an eye out! Also, apologies for the late post but I've got numerous exams upcoming these next few weeks so my posts may be a bit all over the place so apologies for that in advance!


First up is body and I've been loving two amazing items! My main love is (1) FCUK's 'Polished Whipped Bodycream'. This magical tub contains such things as orange blossom, shea butter and pomegranate. This stuff smells absolutely amazing and is so creamy and soft to apply. It leaves my body feeling soft, smooth and gorgeously moisturised for ages! Especially, due to the fact I'm extremely lazy so having to moisturise every day I can never be bothered to do so, but using this bodycream results in when I do decide to moisturise not needing to then do it regularly - best news I've ever had! In addition, this is the first bodycream I've ever actually emptied so that's a sure sign I'm in love with it. Especially, as you only need a small amount so this product just seemed to last forever and ever. Sadly, I think this has stopped being produced but if you dig deep online I'm pretty sure you'll still be able to find it.

Secondly, is (2) LUSH's Lip Scrub in 'Bubblegum', and I wasn't too sure whether this goes in the body category or not but hey here it is. I find it really essential to have a lip scrub as my lips get chapped so easily and even though I do regularly apply chapstick I still find it helps my lips by scrubbing them every so often and wow does this lip scrub work! It tastes and smells absolutely delicious. The 'Bubblegum' flavour is quite sweet but I love it, although to be honest these scrubs are mainly just made out of sugar so you could quite easily just use sugar. But, I do love these and I don't believe the price of £5.25 at LUSH is too pricey.


Next is haircare and I'm extremely hard to please with haircare mainly due to the fact I've got extremely long, thick hair so I find it really difficult to tame and keep my locks soft. Which brings me to (9) my new shampoo - Tresemme's 'Keratin Smooth' Shampoo - this stuff is absolutely amazing! It claims to create hair that's smooth, straighter and easier to style. Even more so, it's gentle enough for colour treated hair. What more can you want from a shampoo? Moreover, I fully agree with all the statements it's made. I've been using this shampoo every time I've washed my hair and my hair is now so smooth and straight - I've never been so amazed with a shampoo in my entire life. I'm actually making my mum buy me the whole collection including the hair treatment because I've fallen in love with this so much. You can buy this shampoo from pretty much anywhere, for instance at Superdrug its £4.99.

In addition, I'm also loving Denise McAdams (3) Heat Protection Spray in Moisture Master. This stuff is absolutely brilliant  Due to my hair being quite dry due to it being thick and long I have to apply a heat protection spray before I blow dry my hair - and I've never found any product as amazing as this. It smells gorgeous and you only need to apply a few quick sprays over your hair and instantly, your hair is protected, smelling gorgeous and touch-ably soft after drying it. Sadly, this was sold by Tesco and the fact a professional such as Denise was selling her hair products so cheap makes me even more annoyed that it's stopped being sold. Hopefully, some lovely person out there will be selling it on eBay. In addition, this another one of my recent empties so if anyone does find it being sold online please let me know I'm dying to repurchase it! Or, if anybody else know's a good heat protection spray please comment below letting me know!:)



Third is skincare and the product I've been enjoying this month is another LUSH product, and it's their facemask (4) called 'Cupcake'. This costs £5.95 and I honestly think it's worth it. This face mask is made particulary for oily/problem skin and has made it specifically for teenage skin - so this ticks all the boxes for me. I use it about 2-3 times a week and honestly my face does nowhere near break out as much as it used to. In addition, it's made and smells of chocolate so whilst sitting waiting for about 10 minutes for the mask to dry you get to breathe in the most delicious smell ever - even more so the smell lasts on your face, yum! Also, it dries like a good old fashioned face mask so I love using this on pamper days as it's just so easy to apply and I don't have to worry about bits sliding off my face.


Finally, my last category is makeup and my first love is No7's blusher in 'Honey' (5). I absolutely adore this blusher, the colour is somewhat like a natural coral and gives such a warm, natural glow to your face. I am using this in my daily makeup routine and can't get enough of it! It's gone to the extent I've hit pan on it! I just love the fact this blusher is so versatile, and can be used on so many different skin tones. Although, I do warn you if you're on the paler side of life like me, you don't need much product on your brush as it's quite pigmented and you don't want to end up looking orange! But, if you're looking for a new blush that will give you a healthy glow look no further! You can buy this wondrous blusher here

Next, is ELF's Studio Eyebrow Kit in Light. I really like this eyebrow kit, it contains a powder and and a wax to help shape, define and fill in your eyebrows. Although, this is the first eyebrow kit I've ever tried I think it's absolutely amazing! The brush isn't as good, but I adore the powder as you just apply a small amount to fill in your eyebrows and then brush through it with a clear brow gel or mascara and they still look natural! Even more so it's only £3.75 so it's definitely not a stretch at all. ELF is also really good at sales and discounts so keep an eye out as I bought mine when there was 70% off and free delivery! You can buy it here.

Third for make-up is a glossy tube by Barry M. I got this ages ago in a magazine for free and sadly the colour I bought was a limited edition and it was a coral colour (sadly it doesn't have a shade reference). But, I just can't get enough of these lip glosses! I absolutely adore them! They don't break the bank, are easy to apply and last such a long time! They bring out different colours all the time but I just find them so easy as an on-the-go product. You can buy these from place like superdrug for as little as £3.99

Last but not least, is the Cosmopolitans 'Blend Perfection Sponge'. This is pretty much a dupe fo the Beauty Blender, which is something I've been dying to get my hands on but the price and limited availability of them in the UK, led me to purchasing this. In addition, it helped me figure out whether investing in a makeup sponge was really worth it as at the moment I have a love-hate relationship with foundation brushes. I can honestly say it was the best choice I've ever made! This sponge gives even coverage, can be used to build up a look and prevent your makeup looking cakey. I will definitely be re-purchasing this and at £4.95 here, how can you not?

Thank you for reading lovelies!
I'd love to hear what you guys have been loving this/last month, and if any of you have tried the Beauty Blender is it as good as it's made out to be?
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Victoria Louise x