Hair Care Favourites & Outfit of the Month

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It has sadly come to the last of my three set post on my favourites for the past previous months but fear not, my posts will still continue and I will still have beauty favourites of the month but they just won't be this packed! Click to see my first post(skincare and body favourites) or second post (makeup favourites).

First is my favourite hair care products, and I've honestly stepped it up on the hair care front as during the summer my hair always become really dry and unattractive! 

My first hair care favourite is 'Head & Shoulders' "2 in 1 Itchy Scalp Care', for £4.99. Now I do understand it doesn't sound entirely pleasant, but I'm pretty sensitive to strong shampoos and conditioners and with the heat my scalp became quite dry and this helped so much. It contains Aloe Vera which soothed my head and also actually smelt quite pleasant. Especially, as it's a 2 in 1 it's extremely quick and easy to use, and meant I didn't have to pack as much in my luggage. I normally use this alongside a hair treatment (one or both of my next two hair care favourites normally).
Next is two hair care treatments, the first being 'Aussie's' "Miracle Hair Insurance" leave in conditioner, for £4.49. I absolutely adore this treatment, it smells amazing, is brilliant at detangling my hair when I get out the shower to apply it and I can actually recognise the difference it makes when I do and don't use it. Furthermore, it's a spray so is really fast and simple to use and isn't too gloopey or heavy. As I find some hair treatments result in making my hair greasy. Finally, my last hair care treatment is 'Avon's' "Advance Techniques 360 Nourishment Moroccan Argan Oil Leave in Treatment", for £2.99. This works amazing alongside the "Miracle Hair Insurance" as I usually apply that, wait a while then add this to the ends of my hair to add that extra nourishment to my most dry area of my hair. It definitely makes my hair softer, glossier and shinier. 

 Favourite Outfit of the Month

Awful photo I know
I really adore this look and have wore it multiple times, due to it being so comfy but still looks like you have made an effort. Especially, as camis and boots are in at the moment which is even better! Tartan and heart prints are also in fashion at the moment, and I most likely will feature two clothing items related to them later on in my blog posts. Most of these products are from New Look purely because it's one of my all time favourite clothing shops, as it's on trend and fashionable but a decent price and good quality.
Cardi (not in this photo but is adorable) - £24.99
Cami - £9.99
Jeans - £22.99
Boots (i adore) - Mine aren't available anymore as I've had them for a year
but similar ones, £45.00 , £50.00 or £29.99
Watch - £259

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