Make-Up Favourites

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This is my second post of my three part beauty favourites post, my final will be featuring hair products and my favourite outfit of the month. Click here to see the first part. 

As you can see most of these make-up favourites are for my face, but that's purely because I was on holiday quite a bit so I didn't always go for heavy make-up I just wanted a 'fresh' looking face. Furthermore, most of these products are quite quick and easy to use and all of these bar the foundation I normally carry around in my purse or make-up bag at school dependant on my look on the day.

First is the Bourjois 'Healthy Mix Serum' foundation in shade 'Beige Clair 53'. I purchased this because I needed the foundation due to gaining a tan and therefore being too dark for my previous foundation... And honestly this was one of the best decisions I've ever made! The foundation smells rather pleasant compared to most, it hasn't irritated my skin nor broke me out, I love the consistency/formula and it also gives amazing coverage. It doesn't layer on your face but hides all those pesky blemishes you're dying to hide. The only issue I have is it doesn't last an extremely long time but it would be fine from 9am to 3pm if you powdered throughout the day. Also, when it does fade it doesn't become blotchy or patchy. Click here to purchase for just £10.99.

Next is Dr Jart's '+ Water Fuse Beauty Balm Cream'. This I eventually bought from my wish list, which you can see here, and my oh my this is what I was looking for when I wanted a BB cream. It gives an amazing coverage, last ages, keeps my skin hydrated but doesn't increase oilyness (perfect whilst I was on holiday), has SPF 25 which has now become a major factor for me in base products and it's a decent shade for my pale skin. I beg all of you to go buy this, if you're wanting something that will help your skin whilst giving you a glowing look. So, if you desire to have the Millie Mackintosh look go buy it here for £18.

Third, is Rimmel's 'Wake Me Up' concealer, for £5.49 here, I'm in shade 'Classic Beige'. Yet again, I bought this concealer because my previous was too light for me to use with my tan and this is now and most likely forever will be my staple concealer. It gives amazing coverage, lasts a decent length of time and it has a luxurious creamy consistency. Therefore, it's amazing for under the eyes which is my main use for concealer as I have awful dark cicrcles. Even more so, it doesn't go in between fine lines and literally leaves me looking so awake and healthy - definite steal for such a cheap price!

Fourth, is a similar product to the 'Wake Me Up' concealer, it's Maybelline's 'Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer' for £5.49 here, I'm in the lightest shade 'Ivory 01'. This is pretty much a drugstore dupe of the YSL 'Touche Eclat' which my Mum owns. Funny enough I actually prefer Maybelline's, although YSL's packaging is much better! It's a lovely product and serves its purpose well, so if you're looking for a cheaper alternative to the 'Touche Eclat' here it is.

Next is eyes, and first is Soap And Glory's 'Supercat Eyeliner Pen Carbon Black Extreme', for £6.00 here. I love this as the pen is pretty thick which makes it super to do a dramatic eye, and the colour of the black is a very dark, dramatic one which I love. As sometimes I feel the black comes out a murky grey with other eyeliner pens. This is my go to product for liquid eyeliner, as it's a pen so is extremely easy to use. My only issue with this, is the fact you have to let it dry for a while as sometimes if I try and curl my lashes afterwards some of the eyeliner comes off. Secondly, is Rimmel's 'Professional Eyebrow Pencil' for £2.99 here, I'm in shade 'Ash Brown'. This is pretty much a basic eye pencil but I just really, really enjoy it and use this daily for my eyebrows. The best part about this product is that it even comes with it's own eyebrow brush which makes the eyebrow process that little bit less stressful when trying to make them look identical! Thirdly, and finally for eyes is Rimmel's 'Scandaleyes Shadow Stick' for £4.49 here, in shade 'Bulletproof Beige' [Swatch towards end of post]. I adore this stick so much! The colour is a lovely gold/champagne colour and looks so pretty. I normally use this to line my eyes with instead of an eyeliner and then just add some mascara. It's so quick and simple, but makes your eyes look so bright and beautiful! (I'm considering uploading a tutorial for this look as it's normally what I wear for college).

Finally, is Revlon's 'ColorBurst Lip Butter' for £7.99 here, in shade 'Lollipop' [Swatch at end of post]. This is another thing I absolutely adored on holiday, as they're quick, simple, bursting with pigment and actually last a really long time. Even more so, I love this colour because if you lightly apply it, it can look quite daytime and give a 'just been kissed' look whereas if you apply it fully it can look dramatic and gorgeous for a night out.

Swatch of 'Lollipop' and 'Bulletproof Beige':
(Sorry it's an awful swatch)

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