Skincare & Body Care Favourites

Hey everyone!
I'd just like to apologise for not updating but quite a bit has been going on in my personal life so I've honestly not had time. But I thought I'd start off by posting my favourite skincare and body care products I've been loving for the past couple of months and items I took on holiday with me and really enjoyed using. Click here to see my second post, (makeup favourites).


Firstly is skincare and there has been four products that I have honestly become obsessed with for a while. Two of these products are from the Body Shop, the first is the 'Camomile Waterproof Eye Make-Up Remover' this was really helpful on holiday as I was regularly using waterproof mascara, which is always a nightmare to take off! That was until this savior in a bottle swooped in and saved the day. It's soothing, creamy, removes my eye make-up easily and doesn't irritate my eye which most make-up removers do. Sadly the Body Shop has just recently redesigned the make-up remover, but the packaging looks much prettier. So, if you want to try it out just click here. Secondly, from the Body Shop is the 'Vitamin E Eye Cream' which is supposed to smooth, hydrate and protect the delicate skin around your eyes. I can fully agree with that statement. Also, even though it may seem tiny this has lasted me since March and there is still plenty left and I use it morning and evening so it's definitely got a fair amount of product for price. Check it out here.
Next, I've been loving the Clean and Clear 'Morning Energy - Shine Control' face wash. It contains tiny beads which gently exfoliate as well as wash my face. It definitely leaves me feeling clean, awake and revitalised. I can't say I've noticed a massive difference on shine on my face per say but I love waking up to washing my face with this wash and it's persuaded me to venture out and try some of the other versions Clean and Clear sell, check this one out here.
Finally, is a skin mask which is called 'Chocolate Mask' I purchased this from Wilko's and it is honestly amazing! It smells delicious, is not very messy at all to say it's a chocolate mask, it's gentle and is still effective. Sadly, it doesn't show up on the website but if you find it anywhere I definitely recommend purchasing it.


Lastly is my body favourites of which two come from the ever wonderful Soap and Glory. They are the mini/travel size versions of 'Clean On Me' which is £2.50, and 'Flake Away' which is also £2.50. These sizes were absolutely perfect for taking on holiday and contained just the right amount for me. The 'Clean On Me' does smell quite plain compared to some of the other body washes on the market, but it is so creamy and gives such a luxurious feeling when using it. Furthermore, 'Flake Away' is quite a gentle scrub compared to other body scrubs but it stills works just as well, possibly even better. The fact it's less harsh leaves my skin still soft and nourished but also supple and smooth from scrubbing - the smell is delicious as well!
Finally, is the Body Shops 'Coconut Body Butter' for £13.00. Now I do understand that's a pretty steep price for a body butter, but it's so wonderful! It smells amazing, doesn't take ages to soak into my skin and fills my skin with moisture I didn't even realise it was lacking. Although I do have to admit I rarely, if ever, get dry skin so I don't often need to moisturise but this tub of magic seems to remind me to do it every time purely so I can just smell my own skin afterwards! (Weird... I know).

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Victoria Louise x