Worth The Splurge: Emma Hardie 'Amazing Face' Collection Review

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I thought I'd do a review on a high-end product that hit the beauty bloggers earlier this year. I'd actually bought the beginner set for this last year, which was featured on one of my monthly favourite posts. But, I thought I should do a more in-depth review due to it being quite high priced and the fact it's pretty different from your average cleanser and exfoliator. As, when I first bought this I was a tad confused how to use it, even though it was explained to me in Space NK (woops). So, this is for anyone that is considering investing in any of the products mentioned or has, and isn't entirely sure if they're using it right.

Moringa Cleansing Balm and Rosehip Exfoliating Seeds

Firstly is the Moringa Balm which I adore and this is the bigger version which I re-purchased off Feel Unique for £34.Now this is a massive amount which I was pleased to find when I opened it for how expensive it is. I feel this cleansing balm can be used for any skin type, especially dry or ageing skin. It's especially good for young, sensitive skin a.k.a me! I can fully support that this doesn't upset my skin nor break me out. This cleanser smells so lovely, it reminds me of a spa, and leaves my skin looking healthy, hydrated and glowing. Something I find really hard to achieve in the harsh winter weather. So if you have young skin I actually fully recommend this as I find it's perfect for me. The only skin type I'd be wary for is extremely oily or acne prone, as it doesn't really aim to combat acne merely improve your actual skin itself. I use this by applying about a 2p sized amount (dependent on how much make-up is on my face) in my hand, then adding a tiny bit of water until it's creamy and then gently applying and massaging into the face. This is perfect as it also removes eye make-up successfully! I then remove it with the damp cleansing cloth, which I still have from the beginners kit, (I would have took a photo of it but it's not very clean), until all my make-up is removed. I also love the cleansing cloth and I actually use it to remove other cleansers and face masks, as it's soft enough that doesn't tug at the skin but effective enough it gets deeper dirt out of your pores.

Secondly is the Rosehip Exfoliating Seeds which were included in the beginners kit at Space NK costing £32. Sadly, the glowing review does not continue onto this product. The main reason I still have these and resulted in re-purchasing the Moringa Balm was because these still remained from my beginners kit. My main reason I dislike these seeds is because I find them too harsh on my skin and actually result in leaving it extremely red. Also, I find that you end up needing quite a lot of the cleansing balm to balance a small amount of the seeds so that you don't end up scratching your face off. Although, I do adore the packaging and the fact it reminds me of a salt/pepper shaker is quite cute. I would not recommend these exfoliating seeds for anyone with sensitive skin or dry skin as I find they are just too harsh. They may leave my skin ultimately soft but it's not worth all the hassle when I can achieve the same effect with a much cheaper, easier exfoliator.

Overall Result:
Is it worth the splurge?
For the Cleansing Balm I'd definitely say yes! If you have the skin types I mentioned or you want to achieve healthy, glowing skin - especially good purchase for this weather!
But, sadly for the Rosehip Exfol
iating Seeds I'd say no. Although I believe you can only purchase these with the beginners set, I believe you'd want to decide whether to pay more for the balm separately and the cloth or just buy the beginners kit which is cheaper and try it out for yourself!

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I hope you enjoyed this review, my next upcoming posts are going to be a post on my favourites from a particular brand and my autumn/winter favourite products!
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