Winter Beauty Favourites 1/2

Hey lovelies!
Sorry there wasn't a post last week but I've been writing this massive post and thought instead of posting a small, pointless post last week, I could just wait until now and post this! My second part of this post will be posted next week!

Here is a post I've created containing my favourite beauty products that I always wear during winter, although I'm not saying they're specific for winter, you can wear them anytime you like! I won't be going into extreme detail on each product as some of them I'm doing reviews for later on.


First is base and for my base during winter I normally go for tinted moisturisers, purely because they give a a lovely coverage that's still natural and it hydrates my skin which is definitely needed during the harsh weather that comes with winter. My two favourite tinted moisturisers are the Laura Mercier 'Tinted Moisturiser' which has SPF 20 and is oil free, brilliant for oily skin. This can be purchased here for £33, I'm in shade 'Nude' but it is a bit dark for me at the moment. My other favourite is the Jouer 'Matte Moisture Tint' which is also oil free and has an SPF of 15. I feel this does give more coverage than the Laura Mercier one. You can purchase this here for £30 and I'm in shade 'Porcelain' which is the perfect match for me at the moment. Sorry they look a bit dirty but least it proves I use them!


Secondly, is cheeks which I definitely pay more attention to during the winter months! I'm a massive fan of giving warmth back into the face so I prefer berry tones. But, most of my blushes are quite natural as I find too much colour just makes you look silly. My first favourite which is a recent purchases is Benefit's cheek and lip tint in 'Benetint', which can be purchased here for £24.50. I love this because it can be used on both your cheeks and lips and it looks extremely natural because it's a tint. Next is Sleek's shimmer blush in 'Pomegranate' which can be purchased here for £4.49. This was a recent purchase and is most definitely one of the strongest in colour blushes I have, but it's so lovely. Thirdly, is Rimmel's 'Pink Rose' blush which I've had for years but I believe you can purchase here for £3.99. This is my all-time favourite blush purely because it looks extremely natural but still gives you a warm, healthy, berry-toned glow! My final winter favourite blush is NYC's Colour Wheel in 'Pink Cheek Glow' which can be purchased here for £3.99. Now this may look a bit crazy with the brown and all the different pinks, but it appears on the face so gorgeous and does give you a glow! I would say it gives you a similar colour to the Rimmel blush. 

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Please check next week to see my favourite eye and lip products!
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