Winter Beauty Favourites 2/2 {Eyes&Lips - Inc. Swatches}

Hey lovelies!
Sorry I didn't post the second half of my winter favourites last week but I have had exams and they have been my priority but, here it is. This post includes my favourite eyeshadows for winter and my favourite lip products. Although, most of these I do wear quite a lot - bar the strong lipstick colours as I've only recently started to venture out of the pinks and neutral colours. If you want to see swatches, please scroll down to the end of the post.


From L-R: MAC Woodwinked, Rimmel Smokey Quartz, Look Sexy Smoke,
Guerlain Turandot, Urban Decay Naked 1

First is MAC's 'Woodwinked', £10, and is the first eyeshadow I ever bought from MAC. I adore this colour and love how it can be used on it's own or mixed with other eyeshadows for a look with greater impact. It's a lovely warm-toned gold colour and although I wear it all round I think it's perfect for christmas, especially for a christmas party look! Secondly, is Rimmels Mono Eyeshadow in 'Smokey Quartz', £4.49, this has slightly less pigment but is still gorgeous to wear! This is a more cool-toned soft gold and looks beautiful with a cat eye.  Thirdly, is Look's 'Triple Hit Trio Eyeshadow' in 'Sexy Smoke', £7.50. This is a very basic smokey eye-kit and is quite blue toned, I also find the medium tone isn't very pigmented BUT I adore the look it creates and I'm going to be featuring it in a blog post soon! Next is Guerlain's eye shadow palette in 'Turandot', now this sadly was limited edition but at the moment it is being sold on eBay here. This eyeshadow palette is gorgeous, the colours are perfect for autumn/winter, they're richly pigmented and they're a bit different for me not too adventurous. Finally, is the famous Naked 1 palette, £37, and although I do love the whole palette during colder months I normally gravitate towards, 'Half Baked', 'Smog', 'Dark Horse', 'Toasted' and 'Hustle'. There's not much I can say about this palette that hasn't been said - apart from it's beautiful!


From L-R: Topshop Beguiled, Sleek Cherry, Topshop Wicked
Topshop Fox, Rimmel Apocoliptic, Topshop Deception
Firstly, is Topshop's lipsticks in 'Beguiled' and 'Wicked', £8.00. I adore these lipsticks purely because they're amazing! The pigment, consistency and just about everything is perfect for me. Although they may look the same, 'Beguiled' is a lot more of a darker wine colour, and you can't have too many lipsticks right? Next is Sleek's lipstick in 'Cherry', £4.99. I love this because it's a sheen and also hydrates my lips which I find necessary during the winter months. Yet again quite a similar colour but it's a lot richer - as you may have realised I started to get quite obsessed with the "vampy" style lip colour. Thirdly, is Topshop's Lip Cream in 'Foxy', £7.00. I love this because it's so creamy, smells of buttercream, looks beautiful and has superb pigmentation. I find this is perfect when I don't feel confident enough for a red lipstick as the gloss gives it a softer look. Fourthly, is Rimmel's famous Apocolips in 'Apocoliptic', £6.49. If you've not heard about these then where have you been?! These are gorgeous and this shade especially is perfect for going out on winter nights. Finally, is another Topshop product, it's Lip Liner in 'Deception', £5.00. This is a lovely lip liner and is a perfect shade for my Topshop lipsticks.


Urban Decay's 'Naked 1' Swatches
Rimmel, MAC, Look Swatches
Guerlain's 'Turandot' Swatches
Topshop & Sleek Swatches
Topshop & Rimmel Swatches
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