Battle Of The Primers {Review}

Hey lovelies!
Today I'm going to do a post on a big review on a few primers I've tried over the years, including drugstore and high end, and will be comparing them with each other.

{UPDATE: I've done a Battle of The Primers 2.0, which you can check out here.}

What is primer you say?
It's a product that allows your make-up to be applied easier, gives longer lasting length, reduces appearance of fine lines and pores and enhances and improves the appearance of your make-up. You apply this after moisturiser but before foundation/concealer.

Personally for me, primer is a massive part of my make-up routine as I feel it just massively improves your make-up and the fact I have combination skin means it helps prevent my make-up from sliding off my t-zone for longer. Although, I believe any skin type should use primer, it's just about finding the right one for your skin.

1. NYC Cosmetics Primer for £2.49
This is the first ever primer I ever bought and is by far the cheapest. It claims to "fade redness, boost radiance and revive tired skin." This primer has quite a light texture and is similar to a moisturiser, it also contains shimmer - not glittery pigments! I find this does help enhance youthfulness and does give me a more glowing complexion but can make my face seem really shiny - especially in areas that are already shiny from oil, i.e. the dreaded t-zone. But, it does help my foundation apply a heck of a lot easier and does disguise pores. Furthermore, at the moment it's only in one shade which is white, I find the fact it's white helps enhance my skins glowy-ness but I do hope they will release a wide variety of shades. I wouldn't say this primer for me is perfect but out of the only two drugstore primers I've ever tried this is definitely my favourite - so far in saying I've recommended it to my friends and family when they've decided they want to try out a primer but don't want to part with half of their bank account.


2. Benefit the POREfessional Primer for £24.50

This well known primer has been circling the beauty world for years now, and I can understand why. I first came across this primer when my Mum decided to buy it, a random purchase at that, years ago before it was hyped over. After discovering how smooth it made my skin feel I began to start sneaking in to my mothers bathroom and stealing it so I could achieve this silky finish with my own make-up. This continued until I was caught and had to end up buying my own primer (the NYC one). But, recently I bought a truck load of stuff off Benefit, haul post here, and got sent this wonderful primer as a tester - so now I don't need to steal my Mum's! It states that it 'minimises pores and fine lines for a smoother-than-smooth skin' I can fully agree with this! I love the fact the texture is quite a creamy balm so is a lot easier to apply, it's skin-toned coloured as well which is perfect for me as it adds that extra coverage and I find I only need the tiniest bit on my t-zone! So, if you want to try out a more expensive primer then I would definitely recommend this one to just about anyone - being as it's so versatile!


3. Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer Light for £25.00

So far this is my all-time favourite high end primer! This comes out white but actually applies clear and is of a gel-like consistency. I love the choice of primers smashbox sell and the fact my one, the 'light', is oil-free which helps a hell of a lot with my oil control on my t-zone. I find this primer does everything the Benefit one does and more! This one actually helps my make-up last longer and prevents my t-zone from getting oily for that much longer. I can actually tell the difference when I'm wearing this. The only thing that could possibly make it better is adding coverage like the Benefit one does, but besides that it's lovely!


4. W7 Prime Magic Camera Ready - Anti Redness for £3.15

This is one of the few primers I've tried that I've fully hated! This comes out green and literally feels like play-doh, no not attractive. I bought this in hopes it would disguise some of my redness, but sadly it didn't disguise any. I feel W7 have tried to copy Smashbox's primers but have sadly not succeeded. Luckily, this primer wasn't expensive so didn't leave a massive dent in my bank account but it's still disappointing. This primer, for me, I also found didn't really enhance my make-up, improve make-up application nor help my make-up last. 


Thank you for reading lovelies!
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