Valentines Day Tutorial {Drugstore}

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I thought I'd upload a valentines day make-up tutorial (there will be some outfit ideas at the bottom if any of you are super stuck!). This mainly contains drugstore products but I will leave a few options which you can swap. I've also added a picture of both my sister and I wearing the make-up look so you can see how it looks on people with different skin tones, especially as she's more warm toned and just a different face! I tried to make this look quite youthful and glowing as I wanted to express when you're in love everything seems that much brighter and better! Obviously, I included the colour pink, but not too worry if you're not a major fan of pinks it's a very neutral, light pink and compliments any eye colour - especially blue/green ones.

My sister
Close Up of the Eye Make-Up


  1. Firstly I applied a moisturiser with an SPF (as it's super important to protect your face!). I used Amie's 'Skin Shield', £5.95, although I'm not a major fan of this. 
  2. I applied a primer next to fill in any pores, lines and to maintain the fresh look. I used Seventeen's 'Flawless Poreless Primer', £5.99.
  3. Thirdly, I applied my foundation using my beauty blender into the skin to give a flawless, natural complexion. Even though I want a glowy look I tried to use a plain foundation as I like to control and add where the glow goes, if that makes any sense? Also, I wanted medium coverage to give that flawless look! I used Revlon's 'ColorStay Foundation' for combination/oily skin, £10.65. But if you want something more natural (maybe you already have perfect skin) I recommend Garnier's 'Daily All In One BB Cream' , £7.99.
  4. Next was concealer which I just covered any blemishes and used for my awful dark circles. I used Rimmel's 'Wake Me Up Concealer', £5.49.
  5. Powder is ultimately next and I used Rimmel's 'Stay Matte Pressed Powder', £3.99.
  6. Sixth, is the dreaded brows! I used a spoolie brush to brush them through and then using an angled eye brush I applied brow powder to fill them in but maintain the texture keeping them as natural as possible. I used ELF's 'Studio Eyebrow Kit', £3.75.
  7. Next is the eye's and this is quite an extensive list and I will try my best to describe how I created the look! First I applied a base to hide my vein-ey eyelids and to enhance the eyeshadows, I used Benefit's 'Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow' in 'RSVP', £15.50. Then I went on to use Sleek's 'I-Divine' Eyeshadow Palette in 'Oh So Special', £7.99.Firstly, using a sigma flat shader brush I applied 'Bow' (the white colour) as a highlighter on my brow bone and the inner corners of my eye. Secondly, using the same brush I applied the light, shimmery pink next to 'Bow' called 'Organza' on the inner third of my eye - just until your pupil starts. Thirdly, I applied the other darker, shimmery pink below 'Organza' called 'Gateau' using the same brush to the rest of my eye. Then using a crease brush I used both of the matte pinks (very lightly), called 'Ribbon' and 'Pamper' as a transition colour and to soften the look. Finally using a blending brush I blended all the eyeshadows together!
  8. Now, I added a flick using a black liquid eyeliner (you don't have to if you don't want to) using Kat Von D's 'Tattoo Liner' in 'Trooper' for $18, a cheap alternative is Maybelline's 'Precise Liner' for £5.99.
  9. Then to contour I used the brush that comes with Benefit's Hoola bronzer with ELF's 'Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder' in 'St. Lucia' for £3.75. I didn't use this to warm up the face it was just to give a very light definition, of which I applied in the hollows of my cheeks (yes you have to make the stupid duck face).
  10. Next, I added a light pink to my cheeks, I used Benefit's 'Posietint' as it's a tint so it lasts ages and looks extremely natural, for £24.50. But, if you're finding you want something cheaper and still natural I recommend a cream blush such as Topshop's in 'Afternoon Tea' for £6.00.
  11. Now, ultimately add a bit more glow with highlighting, I applied this just on the tops of my cheek bones, I used Topshop's 'Glow Highlighter' in 'Polish' for £9.00. As it's a cream I feel it looks more natural and pigmented than a powder.
  12. Second to last, is lips and I have a few options. You can either have a very natural lip (which both me and my sister are rocking) using a pink tinted lip balm, for example Maybelline's 'Baby Lips' in 'Pink Punch' for £2.99. Or, you could gloss it up with a nice pink lipgloss, such as Avon's 'Plump Pout Lipgloss' in 'Pink Pucker' for £2.99. Or, you could dramatize the look by adding a dark wine coloured lipstick, i.e. Topshop's lipstick in 'Beguiled' for £8.
  13. Finally, is eyelashes! Now I didn't add any fake eyelashes but you're welcome to, I'd probably sway for something quite romantic and fluttery. But mascara wise I tried to use a thickening mascara to give a wide-eyed, fluttery, romantic kind-of-look. I used, Max Factor's 'Clump Defy Mascara' in Black for £10.99.
Valentines Day Oufit Ideas

Thank you for reading lovelies,
Sorry the list was quite long but I wanted to make sure it was detailed enough so that anyone could follow it easily and you had options if you wanted to try something different!
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Victoria Louise x

Here's me with the same makeup look but with a dark colour through the crease