LUSH: Dark Angels Cleanser Review

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I thought I'd do a review on a cleanser I've been using religiously for a good three months now. I purchased the Lush 'Dark Angels' Cleanser for, £6.40. Now this is advertised as an exfoliating cleanser for people who need to get deep into pores and to assist with acne. 

Lush states:

with black sugar and charcoal to exfoliate, and rhassoul mud to deeply cleanse. We also use cold pressed avocado oil and vegetable glycerine to moisturise and soften your skin after all that scrubbing, leaving your skin feeling balanced and fresh. Sandalwood and rosewood oils give a rich, earthy fragrance and have a cooling and antiseptic effect on the skin. We buy our powdered charcoal locally in Dorset. It’s a great way to exfoliate and is deeply cleansing, whilst black sugar is in here to scrub away any dead skin cells, leaving you with bright, refreshed skin. 

Now, I wouldn't recommend this for any other skin types apart from extremely oily to acne prone - anyone with dry skin, steer clear. I purchased this in hopes to reduce the small collection of blackheads I have on my nose, as even though I have combination skin with dry areas on my cheeks I thought the end result would be worth it. 

Sadly it wasn't. I found it extremely rough - which I can't entirely complain about as it does state it's an exfoliating scrub/cleanser. But, ultimately left my skin pretty red which is not attractive. I also found it didn't do anything to reduce my blackheads or any other spots for that matter. Although, I do love how long the product lasts for due to needing such a small amount and that all the products are natural and not awful chemicals. 

I brightened up the image so you can see what the product looks like. It has a similar to feel to play-doh which is actually quite fun to use. I don't mind the smell, it smells quite fresh but does smell slightly similar to antiseptic - it grows on you. To use: You collect about a pea-sized amount in the palm of you hand and mix it together with warm water to form somewhat of a paste. I find, the less abrasive and harsh you want the more water you should add and mix in. Then finally delicately massage into the skin and then wash off. I must admit this is super messy! It gets everywhere and because it's black it screams stain danger, so I recommend keeping anything white or nice far, far away when using this product. I'd even say this is less messy than the Cupcake mask Lush do. I believe when this ultimately runs out I'm going to try the 'Angels on Bare Skin' being as it's similar but the softer, less abrasive version.

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