New Years Resolutions

Hey lovelies,

Today I thought I'd do a post featuring my New Year Resolutions. Every year I set myself really unrealistic goals, so this year I've decided to set simple, easier goals. Also, hopefully the fact I'm writing them down and making this post will help me remain motivated and stick to them!

  1. Remain Hydrated - My first goal is to make sure I drink enough water a day, I have downloaded an app for this! Also, I may try and squeeze drinking at least one green tea a day. As, whenever I do stick to drinking it, it makes my body feel so much better and really clears my skin up.
  2. Sweat Once A Week - My second is to try and exercise for 30 minutes once a week. Now, I know that may not seem a lot but I don't do any exercise. Also, being as I'm studying for my degree I rarely have any time between fitting in university and daily tasks. So, if I feel like exercising more than once a week obviously I will also do it but I want to maintain exercising at least once weekly.
  3. Take Better Care Of My Body - My final resolution is to give my body a bit more tender love and care this year. I want to try and moisturise at least once a day, and fit in doing some stretches everyday to stop my body from cramping.
Thank you for reading!
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