My Favourite Cleansing Wipes, Ever.

Hey lovelies!
Today I thought I'd do a short and sweet post on a recent finding that has honestly changed my life!
A while back I picked up the Primark 'Skin Therapy Sensitive Skin Fragrance Free Face Wipes' (longest name ever) and honestly I was blown away by them. I usually hate makeup wipes as I feel they tug at the skin, don't effectively remove any of my makeup, aren't wet enough and leave my face red and stinging. But these wipes didn't do any of this!

First of all they were damp enough to effectively remove my makeup without having to tug and pull, especially around my eyes. Although I must mention I do go in and properly cleanse after using these. And, they're fragrance free so they didn't irritate my extremely sensitive skin. I must admit, I mainly use these in times where I'm rushing, on a journey and want to remove my makeup, or i'm slightly, very tipsy from a night out and don't know my left from my right - never mind go into a full 6 step skincare routine. I believe they're around the £1 margin so I honestly recommend picking up a packet when you next see them!

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