New Year Resolution Update

Hey lovelies!

Well it's been three months since I posted my New Years resolutions (see original post here) and I've decided to update you guys on how I'm doing with my resolutions to help motivate me to stick to them and possibly overtime to update/edit them.

  1. Remain Hydrated - I still don't feel like I'm drinking enough water throughout the day - although does anybody every drink enough water? This possibly could be because I forgot to use the app I specifically downloaded to help me with this, oops. But over the past couple of months I have accumulated plenty of plastic water bottles, so I'm going to reuse them and drink from them during the day so I can easily measure how much water I'm drinking. I've also been using a tea called TinyTea to keep up my green tea intake, and even though the taste wasn't that pleasant I really enjoyed sticking to it. So, I will continue to use this and over the next couple of weeks I will be posting a review of it - so keep an eye out. 
  2. Sweat Once A Week / Sweat Twice A Week - This surprisingly worked out really well for me, I think mainly due to the fact I wasn't being overly ambitious and I've easily been able to slot one exercise routine into my daily schedule. I've recently been working out to a lot of videos online, and I've been doing the 30 day squat challenge at night which has really kept me motivated! I'm intending to now change this to working out two times a week - even though most times I do find myself exercising more often. Since New Year I've lost half a stone which I'm honestly so proud of as it may not seem like a lot but I've always struggled with weight so for me this is such an accomplishment.
  3. Take Better Care Of My Body - This is sadly the one I've been the worst at maintaining! So, I'm going to lower the amount I moisturise to just after every time I exfoliate in the shower - as honestly I don't really need to moisturise as it is. Technically I do stretch after working out but I know it's not enough so I'm going to find a youtube video where I can do either morning or nighttime stretches.

Thanks for reading lovelies,
I'd love to know how your resolutions are doing and if you've managed to stick to any of them?
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