Battle Of The Primers - Round 2.0 {Review}

Hey Lovelies,
I thought I'd finally get round to reviewing a second set of primers as they are one of my all time favourite beauty products! I find they make such a difference to your skin and your makeup! Furthermore, my Battle of The Primers Round 1 | Link, is one of my most popular posts on my blog so I was dying to revisit the post! Also, if you are confused on what a primer is, how to use it or any other questions they will most likely be answered on my first primer post, but if not feel free to comment below!
Also if you're wondering why there's a lot of Seventeen products I'm not sponsored by them, I find they're just really cheap and was recommended to try both of them.

Primer 1 - Seventeen Skin Wow! 3 Way Highlighter £5.99

This is described as "Use to prime, add to your foundation, or apply onto cheek bones to lift, lighten and wake up your skin with a luminous glow."
I normally use this either under my foundation or mixed in with my foundation and I adore how lightweight it feels on the skin! I also find it doesn't add to my oilness - although I normally steer clear of applying it to my t-zone and use a mattifying primer there instead. It leaves my skin with a lovely, natural glow that is perfect any time of the year and the fact you only need a tiny amount for how cheap it is, is perfect!
Although, the only issues I have with it, is beginners need to be super careful with how much you use as if you end up pumping/applying too much it can leave your face looking like a disco ball.
But besides that slight issue which can easily be resolved with time I adore this primer!
I would recommend it to anyone and everyone - especially someone with dull skin that desires a quick pick me up!


Primer 2 - Seventeen Flawless Poreless Primer £5.99

This is described as "Apply with fingers allowing the silky primer to create a smooth canvas ready for foundation to glide onto".
Sadly this one didn't live up to the expectations I had built it up to, as even though it's extremely cheap like the other Seventeen primer and did leave the skin smooth, soft and silky I found it didn't help foundation apply any easier than usual.
I also found it didn't help enhance lasting time of my make-up, and my t-zone only remained matte for a few hours. It also didn't really hide any of my pores and I found I had to use quite a lot of the product to see an actual difference. Furthermore, I felt it left quite a similar feeling to the Benefit primer which I reviewed previously | Link, it also reminds me of the new YSL primer that has just been released. Even more so, I didn't like the fact you have to put your finger into the product to apply it, as I find it becomes quite unsanitary and it definitely isn't great for acne/sensitive prone skin.
I wouldn't really recommend it to anyone unless you have simple, normal skin and just want a cheap, easy to use primer to help aid foundation application.


Primer 3 - Nivea Daily Essentials Hydration Primer Normal/Combo £4.99

Nivea describes this primer as being "An even and smooth base for effective make-up application; helps your make-up stay put, absorbs instantly thanks to its light texture and uses an effective hydrator for lasting moisturisation."
Overall, I really like this primer and tend to use it around the more drier, dehydrated areas of my face - e.g. my cheeks. It leaves my skin much smoother, softer and supple which prevents cakiness and has a pleasant smell all nivea products have. I also like that it has built in skincare benefits as well.
I also have pretty much 0 negative comments to say about it besides the packaging, as the fact it's a jar makes it quite bulky and heavy to carry around and also it's quite unsanitary instead of something like a squeezey tube.
Besides that, I would recommend this product to pretty much anybody, especially as Nivea has also released one for people with sensitive/dry skin types. The only type I'm not sure it would suit is extremely oily skin types.


Primer 4 - Becca Line and Pore Corrector £14.99

Becca explains this as a "non-oily primer prior under-eye concealer, eye shadow, lip-liner application. Gives soft focus effect to minimise lines and refine visible pores. Free of paraben, preservatives and fragrance."
I normally use this as a normal, all over face primer - especially focusing on my oily areas (the dreaded T-zone), as I wasn't aware that it could be used specifically for other things so I'm definitely going to give it a go in other areas. But, for what I have been using it for I've had very mixed feelings about it.
As I love that it keeps my skin matte and oil/grease free for a decent amount of time. I also like that Becca doesn't put any nasties in their product, this is especially great for me as I have sensitive skin.
But, the feel it gives is extremely silicone-ey which I don't honestly love and I also feel it doesn't do anything for my pores. If anything, I feel after a few hours they're more visible than if I hadn't used the primer in the first place. I also find its pretty expensive for how little it does.
If I were to recommend this primer to anyone it would be more normal - combination skin types, especially anyone with sensitive skin that is trying to find a primer that won't upset their skin but still does something.


Overall, my favourite primer this time round was the 'Skin WOW' by Seventeen and I'm still loving using the Smashbox primer from the previous Battle of the Primers. 

I hope this was helpful and if you have any questions or recommendations don't hesistate to comment! Please also don't forget to follow me on social media - I follow back!