Toni and Guy Cool Defining Cream Review

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Apologies for lack of activity but sadly I've been logged down with exams and university assignments. But, finally I am free of all that and I'm super excited to review this 'Cool Defining Cream'*.

Basic Information
Brand: Toni and Guy
Name of Product: Cool Defining Cream
Purpose of product: To create smooth and sleek hair 
Price: £7.49
Where to buy: Boots | Link
How much product do you get: 100ml
Who it's aimed for: Any hair type or thickness, but especially frizzy, unruly hair. 

Product Description
With ingredients that soften and moisturise your hair, Cool Defining Cream keeps your style sleek and smooth with an icy shine finish. 

How To Use

I applied this on damp hair, after washing it by squeezing a 2p size amount (as I have a lot of hair, so use as much as your hair needs) and rubbed it between my hands before running through the bottom half of my hair, especially my ends. I did go in with a heat protectant after this, just to be on the safe side. Also, I let the product sit for a few minutes before drying my hair. 

I have honestly really enjoyed using this product. I find it doesn't weigh down my already thick hair, nor does it make it greasy. It's such a lightweight cream that still makes my hair look straight and sleek. Furthermore, it also left it noticeably softer and shiner and smelt delicious! The smell also lasted throughout the day, which is a must for me. I also love how little product you need, making it something you can use for a long time - perfect for those budget tight students. (like myself). As you can see from the picture below, the texture is definately a white/clear, creamy texture that doesn't feel thick, greasy nor sticky.

Overall, there wasn't majorly any cons. I found my hair didn't last as sleek nor as straight as the day progressed - but that on some days was done to Englands un-predictable weather. 

Should I buy it?/Do I recommend?
Yes. I definitely think you should buy it. I wholesomely recommend this product, as I feel it left my hair straight, shiny and definitely more easy to style the next day. So, next time you're looking for a straightening hair product don't hesitate to pick this up.


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*I was sent this product for free, in return for an honest review.