Clarins Iris Toner Review

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Today is a review of a toner by Clarins I've been using for months now, that I was recommended to use after having a facial.

Basic Information

Brand: Clarins
Name of Product: Toning Lotion with Iris
Purpose of Product: To tighten pores, purify and soothe the skin
Price: £19.50 | Link
Where to buy: Escentual, Boots, Debenhams
How Much Product Do You Get: 200ml
Aimed For: Combination to oily skin

Product Description
A lotion rich in soothing and purifying plant extracts which tightens pores and refreshes the skin.

How To Use

I use once in the morning and once at night, after I've finished cleansing, by applying a small amount on a damp cotton wool pad and gently swiping across my face.

I personally really enjoyed using this cleanser - mainly because the smell is luscious! Also, the fact it didn't irritate nor string my sensitive skin, which leads me on to the fact it's alcohol free. A must for me. I felt it was perfectly suited for my skin type, and it lasted a long time - helped by the fact the lotion is green so you can tell how much you're applying onto the cotton pad. 

Although, on some days I found the toner to be a bit drying around my more dehydrated areas - specifically my cheeks. But, it wasn't a massive issue for me. But, when I went to research this product I discovered that this product is sadly full of fragrance (which helped that lovely smell) and other known irritants which would most likely confuse your skin and even though it had a few good ingredients they weren't in such small concentrations they wouldn't end up being as effective as desired. It's also quite expensive and is sadly tested on animals. 

Should I Buy It?/Do I Recommend?
Overall, I don't recommend it as it seems this product is all smell and no actual skin helping ingredients. I also found it didn't make a massive difference to my skin. 


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