Kiehls Oil Eliminator Skincare Review

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Today I'm doing a review on a skincare set I bought way back in the Boxing Day sales last year. I featured it in a haul on this blog, which you can view here, and see all the other amazing products I bought. Although I did buy this as a set it sadly is now only sold separately.

Basic Information:
Brand: Kiehls
Name of Product: Oil Eliminator Cleanser, Toner and 24 hour Lotion
Purpose of Product: Remove and reduce excess oils and appearance of pores and shine.
Price: Cleanser: £8.50 | Link , Toner: £18.00 | Link , Lotion: £21.50 | Link
Where to buy: Kiehls 
How Much Product Do You Get: Cleanser: 75ml, Toner: 180ml, Lotion: 75ml
Aimed For: Combination to oily skin (and men, although I believe skincare is skincare and isn't specific to a gender purely because it's advertised that way)

How To Use
I used the cleanser once in the morning and then followed with the toner and the lotion. I used different skincare products at night.

I personally wasn't a massive of this skincare collection sadly. I found the collection did have quite a lovely smell, but I must admit the fragrance is pretty strong and the first time I used the products I was pretty overwhelmed. Now, after multiple uses I'm pretty used to it and like the scent. My favourite product out of them all was the toner! It was so refreshing and lightweight, and found any excuse during the day to give myself a quick spritz of it. I found the lotion was average, as I found it worked best on days I was planning on wearing make-up. As it did have a great knack at mattifying my skin but still leaving it soft and moisturised. 

I must admit the fragrance in this skincare collection was heavy so I would definitely be wary for sensitive skin types. I myself was not affected. Furthermore, the cleanser seemed to make 0 difference to my skin which was super disappointing. I also found that even with the use of this whole set my skin still got oily pretty quickly in the day.

Should I Buy It?/Do I Recommend?
Overall, I wouldn't recommend buying most of this skincare collection. The only thing I would say to buy is the toner, I especially feel due to how refreshing it was it would be perfect for any and all skin types. 


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