Spot-Fighting Drugstore Skincare Review

Hey lovelies,
Sorry for the lack of posts but I've just been so busy with exam prep! I thought I'd do a post today reviewing three products I've been using for at least the past three months now, as I've been trying to reduce the amount of spots I get, read on to find out if it worked.

Clean & Clear Advantage Spot Treatment Gel

I bought this a while back in hopes I could tame any spots that appeared on my face through stress or just hormones, as my previous spot treatment didn't do a single thing, and wow did it work! Now I honestly love this treatment as even though there isn't a lot, it's cheap and you only need the tiniest of amounts. It states it will "After 4 Hours, spot size and redness are noticeably reduced". Now I can't comment on the four hours as I only apply spot treatments at night as I don't like how it sits under makeup but that could just be me. But after waking up my spot has either completely gone or dramatically reduced! I think I will definitely repurchase this and the fact there's still loads left when I've been using it pretty often highlights how much you actually get for the price.
You can purchase it here for £3.49.

The Body Shop Blackhead Tea Tree Exfoliating Wash

I've had this for a while back and after researching this wash to put a link to it when I uploaded this post I realised this is no longer being sold. But, honestly you're not missing out. I found this exfoliating wash did nothing for my face nor the blackheads on my nose I was trying to combat. The wash was a nice creamy texture which was the only plus side, but the fact it didn't reduce any blackheads - it's main purpose, I found left it to be a great disappointment. Even more so, the 'crushed apricot stones' were too harsh for my sensitive skin and even more so I could not use this as a wash. I had to limit my use to it to once-to-twice a week. 

Biore Warming Anti-Blackhead Cleanser

And last but not least, is Biore's anti-blackhead cleanser and this is undoubtedly my favourite product! I've purchased this for a second time and absolutely adore it. Firstly, it's cheap which is always positive. Secondly, it warms up when you're massaging it into the skin which is a) SO COOL and b) helps you realise it's actually doing something. Now, I must admit it didn't dramatically reduce the amount of blackheads I had but it reduced the amount of breakouts and also reduced the amount of spots I had that were under the skin. I also really like the smell and find it's just a really lovely product. But, although it's not too harsh I did find it better to limit it to using it every other day due to me having combination skin but besides that it's lovely! My only wish would be to change the packaging so that you could see how much product is left as you can't tell as it's all white.
You can purchase here for £4.99.

Thank you for reading!
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