Samples Review

Hello lovelies!

First of all I'd like to say a humongous apology for not updating my blog. I had a lot going on in the last few months, from university to exams! But now everything has calmed back down I feel I can finally devote my time back to this! A while back I received a tonne of free samples and have been meaning to do a review on them. I no longer have every single piece of packaging as once some had emptied I ended up throwing them away - so even though you can't see them they did exist!

A bulk of samples I received were from Kiehls - a brand that does pretty pricey skincare and I haven't really tried much from. But, previously I'd only heard raving reviews so was ultimately super excited to try anything and everything they threw at me. The first thing they sent me was the 'Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser', which is designed to eliminate toxins and reduce the appearance of pores. I absolutely adored this and have already purchased the actual size. This didn't irritate my sensitive skin and left it unbelievably smooth; I used this as a morning cleanser. Second item I received was the 'Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream', which I used nightly. I obviously don't have any wrinkles yet but I still really enjoyed using it. This is supposed to strengthen the under eye area, which is perfect for me as I have extremely bad dark circles - so hopefully after a more prolonged use it could reduce it. The third and final product by Kiehls was the famous 'Skin Rescuer', a moisturiser I used/use every night. This is honestly amazing and would recommend to anyone with dry or dehydrated skin, or just patches of redness. I'd heard multiple YouTuber's raving about this so was nervous about testing it, but after applying it at night and waking up in the morning all the redness has either gone or been extremely subdued on my cheeks! I repurchased this straight away after using the sample and believe this has now become a staple in my skincare.

The next sample I received was Sunday Riley's 'Good Genes', which is supposed to be a brightening, anti-age treatment/mask. I used this as a mask and found it left my skin red, really dry and tight. Also, it tingles quite a lot so for people with sensitive skin like myself, beware. So for the jaw-dropping price it is, I would not recommend it.

Philosophy was the next in line to be tested and I'd luckily received the much talked about 'Purity Made Simple' cleanser. This is a pretty simple cleanser that can be used for both the face and eyes, and doesn't actually irritate my eyes. I'd recommend this to a beginner to cleansers/skincare and any type of skin type - it worked lovely on my sensitive skin. I found this worked best applying to a cotton wool pad, rather than applying it directly to the face. But, ever since trying this out with my Clarisonic I've realised it's true potential! Furthermore, it smells lovely and you hardly need a large amount so even though it's quite pricey for how simple it is, it will last you ages.
    Next up was the Body Shop with their 'Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter', which is supposed to leave hair soft, glossy and tangle-free. Unfortunately, for me even though the smell was a lovely fruity/foresty smell the product just didn't do anything for my hair. All it did was leave my hair heavy and waxy.

    And last but not least, I tried the GlamGlow 'BrightMud Eye Treatment', that is designed to basically make your eyes look super awake and reduce your dark circles. As soon as I saw the claim on reducing dark circles I was instantly excited about trying it out. But sadly it didn't follow through, I found it stunk and product was awfully awkward to apply. And then after all the hassle of sorting it out and dealing with the stench it then did absolutely nothing, so for the price I most certainly would not recommend.

    Thank you for reading,
    Victoria Louise x