Superfacialist Vitamin C+ Skin Renew Cleansing Oil Review

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Welcome to my review today and I believe this post has possibly the longest name, ever. I've been dying to renew this cleansing oil for a while now as it was the first ever cleansing oil I've ever tried! It sells at a purse friendly price of £10.99. Which I feel is a completely fair price for how little you use each time, resulting in it lasting you months on end! (Mine did!) If you haven't heard of 'Superfacialist' it's a brand by Una Brennan who is a renowned facialist and skincare specialist who has been in the business for over 15 years! So, this woman knows what she is talking about. The brand 'Superfacialist' is meant to be suitable for all skin types involving natural ingredients, highly researched scientific ingredients and lovely scents. Therefore, making cleansing your skin that much more enjoyable and feel like a little bit less of a chore.

The Basics

This product is friendly to all skin types, but I especially recommend it for oily/combination skin types. Now, you may be screaming at me through the computer screen right now but honestly cleansing oils are perfect for oily skin types. As, oily skin produces excess oil due to it not having enough to start with, so if you enrich your skin with natural, helpful skincare oil it can result in your skin producing less oil. This cleansing oil is meant to help with ageing (something I wasn't fussed about), but to also produce a healthy glow to the skin by reviving the skin and, giving it a fresher feel. It contains vitamin C, olive, grapeseed, cucumber, rosehip and rosemary oils and vitamin E.

How to use?

You use this daily to remove your makeup, or to just deeply cleanse the skin. You dispense a small amount in the palm of your hands and massage between your hands. Then gently rub into the face, disintegrating all your makeup and deeply cleaning your skin. Then, add water when you are ready to rinse it off and it will turn into a milky consistency. Finally, follow up with your normal cleanser to double cleanse which is recommended by Una Brennan.

The Review

I adore this product and are already on my second bottle. I think the packaging is also great, as it allows you to squeeze just the right amount out - preventing you from wasting any, and it also lets you see how much product is left. This was perfect for me when it came round to needing to repurchase it. This oil is amazing at takes off my make-up and even puts up a strong fight against any waterproof eye makeup I may be wearing. I also love this for taking off my makeup as it isn't harsh nor does it tug nor damage my skin which I used to find with cleansing wipes and other cleansers. So, the fact this is super gentle is perfect for my sensitive skin. Even more so, the smell of oranges is delicious and makes the use of this even more enjoyable. I will definitely be repurchasing my third bottle. Especially, as this didn't make my skin oiler or greasy. 

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