The Body Jewellery Shop

Hey lovelies,
Today I thought I'd do a review on some earrings I was sent for review from The Body Jewellery Shop.

When it comes to jewellery the one staple item I always wear are earrings - they're easy to wear, they don't get tangled in your hair *cough cough* necklaces, they can be small and simplistic or make a statement. So, when I was sent these earrings I was so excited! As even though it's the only piercing I currently have (emphasis on the currently) I adore wearing different ones, choosing ones to match my outfit or just going through phases of wearing simple, sophisticated studs.

Earrings - Jewelled Stud Clear* | Link

The Body Jewellery Shop brand is an online store that sells jewellery online, from the likes of studs, naval accessories and even tunnels and plugs. So, honestly you're spoilt for choice and it definitely caters for every piercing you could think of! Especially, ear piercing jewellery has such a wide collection that if anything it was overwhelming choosing earrings, and for such cheap prices how could you resist?!

My Clear Jewelled Studs (£1.99) are perfect for a simple, no-fuss, choice that would compliment any outfit and could be easy to match with a simple necklace or with extra piercings. These are my favourite out of the three I own, mainly because they're so easy to wear and I can sleep in them with no issue, if I forget to take them out - a.k.a every night.

Silver Glitter Stud Earrings* | Link, Pearl Stud Earrings White* | Link
The next two are also simple but are also still beautiful. The Silver Glitter Studs (£1.99) I've received so many compliments on when wearing, purely because they sparkle so beautifully in natural light and shine. You can see these are an extremely popular pair due to currently being out of stock online. So when they next become available I definitely recommend buying them straight away!
My third pair of some White Pearl Studs (£1.99) and are a classic earring to wear when you're possibly feeling a bit fancy. They're great I find to wear when you have your hair up, or pulled back as they really give a regal feel to your outfit when noticeable. 

All for £1.99 from The Body Jewellery Shop I honestly can't think of one reason to not buy them! And if you are feeling something a bit more adventurous, with prices so cheap and affordable for such good quality products I say why not!

Thank you for reading,
*pr sample