Body Shop Seaweed Skincare Collection Review [Combination Skin]

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Well first and foremost I'm sorry I've literally disappeared but now all my exams and uni days are out of the way I've been sorting out my blog posts and have a few lined up. I thought I'd start with a skincare review as I've been using this collection since March so I feel I can give an honest review. You can view the whole of the range here. I know the Body Shop is quite expensive but I've bought all of these products when the Body Shop had some sort of deal e.g. 40% off.

Excuse the awful lighting I took this last night

Body Shop says this range is


 My favourites of the whole collection are: The Night Treatment which has made a massive difference to how oily my skin is and is something I'm definitely going to repurchase. The Cleansing Facial Wash which I use to remove my make-up and it definitely leaves my skin feeling refreshed and not sticky like others I've tried. Finally, I adore the Cleansing Facial Exfoliator, this is a lot less harsher than the previous exfoliator I was using but still has the same effect! I am also using the Mattifying Moisture Lotion but I didn't want to include it as I've only had it for two weeks so it would have been more 'first impressions' than a review, but so far it's wonderful! A massive improvement from my previous moisturiser.

My not-so-favourites are the Cleanser, I just find it a bit too strong for my sensitive skin and it results in my skin stinging but if you don't have sensitive skin then have no worries! This is the same issue I have with the Toner, and also I find it makes no difference to my skin whether I use it or not. Furthermore, the Ionic Clay Mask is awful for my skin leaving it stinging, dry and is actually quite painful to have on my face after 5 minutes - so if anyone has sensitive skin I wouldn't recommend these products. But, if you have immensely oily skin or normal skin you would be fine.

I hope this helps with anyone considering purchasing anything from this collection, also if anyone also has combination skin and knows of some skincare gems don't hesitate to comment and let me know! I am still on the hunt.

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